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Interior design is a reflection of your sensitivity and taste. It's one of the few things that says volumes about you without your having to speak a word!

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As soon as someone sees the inside of your home, they immediately know how much attention to detail you put into the things that are important to you. It's huge. But sometimes styles fade and the seasons change. At some point you need to change it. When that time comes you can either take it all to goodwill and start over (there are cases like this one), or you can make some good detail changes and get a massive pop by tweaking a few key things. Here's how to do it.

Fresh color

The greatest thing you can do to a room without overhauling the furniture is repainting it a new color. It's so easy, yet so effective, to give this room a whole new character by adding a new coat of paint. You can also keep the existing themes. Color is the context for which the players can present themselves in your design. If they've been on the stage of greens for a decade, more earthy tones or a warm cream can change the mood. The type of paint you use also matters. There are a number of that Behr marquee, an inner eggshell enamel that does what it says on the tin. This type of pigment is a high-end product. If this is the kind of detail you want in your home, this is the color class you should go for. After all, it will take you years.

Play with the lighting

Playing with light sources is traditionally a playground for artists as a proof of concept. You can easily apply this type of art in your living space. Curtains and others Window decorations come in and out of style, but most people put them on for privacy. Swap them out or completely change them. Find ways to bring the light in and manipulate its intensity with new, thoughtful means. Whether it's a transition film, you've installed or rearranged furniture to adjust when an area comes in contact with light. Playing with this natural source is a fun way to experiment with your interior.

Add art

Those who are fans of interior design are inadvertently fans of art in general. When we speak in design circles, bare walls are always mentioned. A bare wall is such a waste of good real estate. You can also fill it with something nice. Invest in Originals and prints from your favorite artists. Or you can find an enormous classic. There are sketches by Pablo Picasso that are surprisingly cheap. Other prolific artists have work that you can buy at auction or online from a reputable collector. Suppose it appreciates even better. Do it for the walls, but as an investment it needs to be considered too.

Simple changes in your interior are as easy as adding, subtracting and repainting. There are so many combinations that you can work with. The feeling of a blank canvas can be overwhelming at times. But with a bit of focus and some top-notch cans of paint, you can make any room brand new.

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