The right way to set up a bidet rest room

Bidet toilets are very popular all over the world, and in several European countries there are legal requirements that bidets must be present in every single bathroom, in private houses, public toilets as well as in hotels and restaurants. The bidet was originally in the bedroom near the chamber pot but has been modernized and placed in the bathroom. Some toilets have a built-in bidet (these are usually electronic toilet systems). Opinions about the bidet vary between countries and continents. In English culture, the use of a bidet is abstract and almost unknown. While in Islamic states, the southernmost part of Europe and some parts of South America, bidets could not be dispensed with. Bidet is a French word that means "little horse" because of the spread position you have to take when using a bidet.

If you're looking to install a bidet in your home but have no idea how to do it, look no further than here. This page will tell you everything you need to know about installing a bidet and what it is.

What is a bidet

For those who don't know, but may want to, a bidet is a bowl or receptacle that is designed and constructed to aid in washing its private parts and buttocks. Bidets are a crucial part of the Islamic faith as they (Muslims) don't believe that if you only use toilet paper, you are really clean. Bidets are undoubtedly very hygienic and promote good personal hygiene. They are typically used after a bowel movement and before and after intercourse. Modern bidets include a drain and small shower head that is used for cleaning and aimed at the genitals and buttocks. Bidets are very popular depending on who you ask and you can potentially get great benefits from installing one in your home.

Buy a bidet

Before you can install your bidet you must (of course) buy it! There are many places you can buy a bidet internationally. When buying a bidet it is best to buy the most current and advanced that you can so that you get a long life and a truly enjoyable experience every time you use it. It can be difficult to choose between this website and that. The best way to make an informed, informed decision about where to buy your bidet is with reviews. There are an abundance of reviews online to help you make the best decision on where to buy your bidet.

How to install a bidet toilet - bidet toilet

Sometimes you can get great deals on bidets by buying from smaller, lesser-known manufacturers rather than larger ones. Do research beforehand about the company you will be buying your bidet from so you can get the best deal and make sure your bidet won't fail and break you. A bidet should last a lifetime if used properly. So choose your dealer carefully so that you don't have to replace it.

Install a bidet

Installing a bidet if you have never done it before or if you have no technical experience installing it can be very difficult. Fortunately, this site is here to help so you no longer have to struggle or use toilet paper (which some consider barbaric!).

Water valve

The first thing you want to do when installing a bidet is turn off the water supply valve. If you don't, you could have a major leak in your bathroom and seriously damage your plumbing system. If you're replacing an already installed toilet or bidet, flush it out to make sure there is no more water.


You may be removing and replacing a toilet or bidet. If so, you can disconnect them from the water supply and remove the waterproofing around the floor so you can remove them – although that is best left to a professional. Once you have a place for your bidet it is time to prepare to install it.

Water supply

If you are replacing an existing bidet or toilet, you will want to connect the bidet to the water supply after removing and attaching it. The water supply is connected to the appropriate valves and pipes in the bidets unit. The connected water supply is ready for operation. You should then seal the base of the bidet to secure it to the floor.

With the help of this page you will now know the basics of installing a bidet. Bidets can be of great use and benefit to any home – they promote a level of hygiene not often found in humans. Give it a try – you never want to use anything else!

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