Freddo turns 3D for his 90th birthday!

Cadburys Freddo Frog celebrates his 90th birthday in September 2020!

In celebration of the big 9 0, Cadbury is launching a 3D cavity Freddo (25g) that contains candy in its belly – Freddo's greatest innovation in 10 years.

"For 90 years Freddo has been giving generations of Australians moments of wonder and joy together," says Kate Watson, Cadbury's Marketing Manager.

"In a challenging time for all of us, Freddo 3D Adventure encourages us to be free spirited and adventurous and encourages us to embrace our curiosity and appreciate the world around us."

Freddo also takes steps to explore the natural surroundings. Take steps to make the planet plastic-free and with recyclable film packaging. Freddo is full of edible candy treasures in space and underwater.

The journey doesn't end there, says the Cadbury team. Every year, chocolate lovers are treated to new themes that encourage them to continue on their next great adventure.

Freddo 3D Adventure will be available in Australia starting September 23, 2020 in a 25g treat size for an MSRP of $ 2.50.

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