St. Remio empowers feminine espresso farmers

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St Remio Coffee Rwanda

St. Remio Coffee Rwanda)

World Coffee Day takes place on October 1, 2020, and St. Remio lights up female coffee farmers to celebrate this day.

St Remio donates 50 cents from the sale of every bag of coffee * of its compatible capsules and US $ 1 from the sale of every bag of ** coffee purchased in all Coles supermarkets nationally and through the St Remio online store.

The Australian coffee company aims to empower and support the coffee growing communities. This year's focus is on the female agricultural cooperative Cocagi in western Rwanda.

In addition to the donations, St. Remio continues to support it by purchasing two more acres of land, 8,500 coffee plants, fertilizer and a mix of banana and sunflower plants that will allow the cooperative to diversify its income as the coffee harvest takes hold.

"Your choice is powerful and if you simply choose St. Remio, you have a direct positive impact on the lives of the producers," says Julia Tank, director and founder of St. Remio.

"Our whole philosophy in St. Remio is to challenge people to think about coffee and to steer the conversation away from the goods and back into the community."

On this World Coffee Day, the company wants to raise additional funds for Cocagi and donate 100% of the money raised on that day directly to the cooperative.

Trent Knox, co-founder of St. Remio, adds that not only do they source coffee from the Rainforest Alliance, but they also go a step further and fund additional projects to ensure they empower growers.

"Great coffee doesn't start with the roaster. Good coffee starts at the beginning," says Knox.

The St. Remio coffee offers a range of compatible capsules from Nespresso, Lavazza A Modo Mio, Expressi and Caffitaly.

Coffee capsules are available at Coles Supermarkets, Officeworks, The Good Guys, Big W, and online at Amazon, iPantry and the St Remio website.

Visit to learn more.

* 50c will be donated from every box of St Remio Compatible Capsules (Expressi® *, Caffitaly® * and Compostable Nespresso®) sold in Coles supermarkets across Australia and through the St Remio online store.

** $ 1 will be donated from each bag of St Remio beans or ground coffee sold through the St Remio online store.

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