Heinz to Dwelling celebrates Essen & Footy

The Burger Lovers Bundle

If you're a fan of Footy and a fan of food (I hope so) then Heinz is bringing out a bundle that will grab your attention.

Heinz Australia offers a limited Collingwood Football Club bundle series that is available exclusively through the Heinz to Home e-store.

"We are delighted to have partnered with Collingwood Football Club to create limited edition Heinz Tomato ketchup bottles that will become collectibles for cake fans across Melbourne and Australia," said Simon Laroche, Chief Executive Office of Heinz Australia.

In addition, Heinz announced the availability of its Ketchup Cookie Kit and Burger Lovers Bundle via Heinz to Home.

"With our ketchup biscuit recipe and irresistible burger recipes, you can bake and cook a storm this spring too!" says Mr. Laroche.

The Collingwood Football Club Package

“When we launched Heinz to Home, we wanted Aussies to have access to limited edition products and merchandise, as well as our popular essentials. So we're excited to bring out these fun and delicious new bundles. ”

Click here for the Collingwood Bundles.

Click here to view the Ketchup Cookie Kit.

Click here for the Burgers Lovers Bundles.

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