When life provides you degree lemonade …

Level Lemonade lives up to its name by improving its drink play.

After selling more than 700,000 bottles since it was launched last year, the team is expanding the range with the new Lemon & Raspberry.

It not only brings zest for life to the range, but also contains a full 160 mg of magnesium. Plus, it contains 100% of your daily vitamin C intake while being low in sugar.

"It's important to make sure you're getting your daily magnesium and vitamin C needs," says exercise dietitian, yoga instructor, and exercise physiologist Caitlin Read.

“These two essential nutrients play an important role in maintaining energy levels, reducing fatigue and normal mental function. Vitamin C also plays a key role in maintaining our immune system. "

Level Lemonade is a carbonated sports drink that is ideal for sports and fitness enthusiasts as well as the health conscious.

Chrish Graebner, Founder of Level Lemonade, says: “The taste and cravings factor of this beverage range sets it apart from other comfort options on the market today.

“I like to think of it as the angel on one shoulder who tells you to make the right choice for yourself, and the devil says only give you something when you're at the fridge. The nice thing about these drinks is that you can now drink your lemonade and drink it too. "

Ms. Read explains, "As a nutritionist, I wouldn't normally recommend a carbonated drink to my clients, but because of the ingredients and low sugar content, this is a 'better' option and who doesn't love a refreshing pink lemonade."

Level Lemonade launches nationwide in Caltex (transition to Ampol) and EuroGarage (formerly Woolworths Petrol) for an MSRP of $ 3.00 or online from October 2020.

Visit level-lemonade.com for more information.

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