Field mixers combine pure cocktails

What if I said you could have the sophistication of a cosmo paired with natural flavors?

Box Mixer announce its new line of alcohol-free cocktail mixers made from natural flavors, making it easy and convenient to drink cocktails at home.

This range is aimed at health-conscious consumers because it is low in sugar, contains fewer than 55 calories per serving, is gluten-free, is Australian-made and comes in resealable and recyclable bottles.

The mixers are available in cocktail flavors such as:

  • Classic margarita
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Espresso Martini
  • Mojito

Box mixers can be enjoyed with or without alcohol – depending on how they're served.

“We know consumers are looking for healthier, more convenient, high quality food and beverage solutions, and we've seen a huge niche in the market for a blender brand that is all natural, low in sugar, and tastes great, whether you're drinking alcohol or not, ”says Chieri Marketing Co-Founder Kieron Barton.

"Box Mixers advocate the idea that great cocktails can be part of any social occasion without having to become a mixologist or leave the house!"

Box mixers are available from Woolworths online and in stores nationwide. The MSRP for a bottle with 10 servings of cocktails is $ 7.50.

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