5 methods to not overuse your oven

It has become the norm for Canadians to think about the health of their ovens only when temperatures begin to drop. This is typical as no one ever wants to endure a freezing winter night because of a malfunctioning stove. Confidence that you have a well-functioning heating system at home is always enough to give you peace of mind in the cold season. But is that all it takes to beat the winter blues?

The problem with heating systems is that most users know little about them. Many Canadians are ever concerned about whether or not their equipment is in working order. They never consider the efficiencies or best practices of using these systems. This has led to overuse of the ovens and an added burden from ever increasing electricity bills.

Tips for better maintenance of stoves

There's never a reason to overhaul ovens when, with the right care, they can perform at their best. On the plus side, this doesn't necessarily require the expertise of a certified technician. Instead, they are simple measures that all households can take to ensure the longevity of these heating systems. The five most important tips for better caring for a stove are:

  • Make a habit of turning down the thermostat when not in use. An easy way to reduce the stove load is to turn down the thermostat when you leave the house. There's never a reason to leave an oven running at full speed all winter, especially when nobody is inside. It is equally important that heating costs decrease by three percent for every degree that is lowered on the thermostat.
  • Never skip the annual improvements recommended by the professionals. The condition of a furnace is mainly determined by its level of maintenance. If a heating system is not serviced regularly, minor problems will arise that will result in malfunction. At this stage, the oven will be expensive to repair as it may require an overhaul. Typically, you always have a team of trusted oven professionals such as New West Installers in charge of these annual services.
  • Make sure the air vents are not blocked. One of the main problems that overuse ovens is clogged vents. Many households block these vents with furniture or intentionally close them in unused rooms. However, this is of no value as it only creates a pressure build-up in the system. This will overload the oven as more energy is needed to meet the required airflow.
  • Do not turn up the thermostat to heat the house faster. When you come home in freezing temperatures, it's only natural to want warmth. This creates an urge to crank the thermostat and hope that the room will get warmer faster. Unfortunately, this is not how an oven works, and if you hurry it will only get a makeover. It is important to remember that setting the temperature is not a shortcut to getting to the ideal temperature quickly.
  • Make sure the house is adequately insulated. Having a well-functioning stove in a draughty house is a hassle because the heating system is always overloaded. This is because while the stove is efficiently heating the house, cold air keeps coming in. To avoid such a scenario, it is important to solve any insulation problems in the house. Some of the recommended steps are adding insulation to the walls and closing gaps around windows and doors.

5 ways not to overuse your oven - oven

The value in the care of stoves

At a time when households are struggling to meet their ever-increasing electricity bills, every saving counts. Taking better care of the stoves is one way to achieve this, as heating is a significant part of any household's energy use. Best of all, these benefits aren't just short-term as they add value over the years. Above all, proper care of the stoves will reduce the risk of sudden and expensive replacements if the heating system fails in the middle of winter.

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