Will pests harm my roof? three indicators you might need an issue and how you can repair it

You never want to find any signs of pests in your home. Whether in your closets or in your basement, pests are always unwanted guests that can seriously damage your home. One part of your home that you may not even have thought of to check for signs of pests is your roof. Nobody spends much time up there, but it's important to check your roof regularly. It could be the difference between severe structural damage and a fully functional home.

If you're not even sure what to look out for about natural intruders in your home, here are three signs you may have a problem and how to fix it.

1. Drops on the roof

Even if your pest is out for the day, or worse, hiding in your rafters, your first clue that they might be hanging on your roof is excrement. It might sound a bit gross, but it's a very clear sign that an animal is in the area. Some larger mammal feces will be evident. Raccoons and even rats leave noticeable dung behind. Insect droppings can be a lot harder to identify because they might look like regular dirt.

To know exactly what you are dealing with, it is important that your roof is inspected by a professional. If you live in Colorado, consider getting Metro City Roofing Services to check your roof for you. They are one of the best roofing companies Denver has to offer as their employees are comprised entirely of state-licensed independent adjusters. They also don't take up the whole day by giving you a four hour window of time for their inspection. Metro City Roofing Services gives you a scheduled appointment so you never have to guess when you will arrive. If your roof needs to be repaired after calling a pest control company, it will be repaired with the highest quality roofing materials available. Hopefully this will deter other unwanted guests from settling on your roof.

2. Structural damage

At worst, you may find that the pests have found their way through the roof and compromised the structural integrity of your home. You can leave chew marks on the joists that literally carry the roof over your head, making it precarious not to stay fixed. If a roofing expert detects structural damage that threatens your family from pests, then you will certainly need to work on a roof replacement or other roofing project in good time. This can cost a lot more money than you currently have on hold for emergencies.

Pests damage my roof - roof damaged by pests

In order to have more money for this project, you may be wondering whether it is worth refinancing? Refinancing your home can mean finding a home loan with a lower interest rate than your current loan. Ultimately, this can save you money and create more wiggle room in your repair budget. It's never a bad idea to think about getting the best interest rate on your home and refinance accordingly, especially given the low interest rates now.

3. Visible nests

Many of the pests that will try to settle on your roof will find themselves at home by making a nest. Of course, this also applies to birds, but also to insects and mammals. If you see an out of place clapboard or holes leading into the structure of your roof, peeling off that layer can reveal a nest. Similar to humans, animals like to stay warm. As your rafters get hot, this area can especially attract them in the winter months. Roofs provide security for all types of creatures. Try to contact a company that will humanely remove these creatures if possible.

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