Decoding kids's speak with Golden Circle

(IMAGE CAPTION: Jimmy Rees with the Golden Circle 50% less sugar area)

Golden Circle's latest campaign, "Less Sweet, Still My Sunshine," includes not only the latest launch of the 50% less sugar fruit drink series, but also deciphering children's conversations.

With the help of the Aussie Family Entertainer, Jimmy Rees sheds light on the daily moments in Australian families and translates common children's phrases in an online video (see below).

“As parents, we know that our children are the sunshine in our lives. They are innocent, funny, naughty and cute. Sometimes kids say one thing and think or do another, so there are times when they can be less cute, ”says Mr. Rees.

“Like before bed, the struggle to get the kids to bed is much longer than expected, the time it takes to move them or get the kids to eat (and drink) their breakfast. We start a conversation about those times when kids are less cute but still your sunshine. "

The new Golden Circle 50% Less Sugar Fruit Beverage Line is launched as an alternative option for those looking to reduce their sugar intake from fruit juices.

The Harvest Insights 2020 commissioned by Golden Circle show that an average of 45% of people do not drink fruit juice from the grocery store because it is considered too sugary.

"Golden Circle offers families lots of sunshine, and now customers with the 50% less sugar range have a choice as it offers the great taste of Golden Circle with 50% less sugar," says the head of marketing beverages at Kraft Sachin Rajpal.

The range is available in Australian supermarkets and online and includes three flavors. Orange, Apple & Pear, and Pine & Pasha, MSRP of $ 3.10.

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