Covid protected plans for workers not clear

Many employees across Australia are returning to the office.

However, surprising research shows that most employees admit that their organization has not notified them of a Covid-19 risk management plan.

The results come from an independent survey of a nationally representative panel of 1001 Australian employees, commissioned by Cleancorp.

More than half (53%) of employees in micro-business (up to 15 employees) and 33% in small business (15-50 employees) have not received such a directive. This is comparable to only 24% of those in organizations with more than 50 employees who have not received a policy.

“If companies want to ensure a successful transition back to the office, they should let their employees know what they have done to maximize their work safety,” said Lisa Macqueen, co-founder and director of Cleancorp.

In particular, consider certain areas that have not been made aware of a safe Covid-19 plan:

  • 43% of respondents in the construction industry
  • 40% in the media and entertainment industries
  • 27% in professional, scientific and technical service
  • 20% in healthcare

Infection Risks Aussies are most concerned about:

The Cleancorp survey found that 47% of Australian workers fear that using shared workspaces – such as co-working spaces, hot desks, and meeting rooms – carries an increased risk of infection.

47% of employees admit they are concerned about being with colleagues who may have been exposed to the risk of infection in the evenings or on weekends.

Common “touchpoints” are also a problem for workers as 46% of them express their concern about objects such as safety buttons or door handles.

What Would Aussies Make Safer?

When asked what types of factors would make them feel more secure, 50% said their management should mandate that people with the slightest Covid-19 symptoms, such as dry cough or fatigue, do not enter the workplace.

The quality of cleaning in the workplace seems to be another important factor in making workers feel safer. 49% of respondents say that their workplace cleaners should do antiviral cleanings, not just regular cleanings.

Other factors include having your own hand sanitizer, more flexibility in remote working arrangements and the availability of face masks in the office.

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