three indicators you’ve got a leaking skylight and how one can repair it

Adding skylights to your home can be a renovation project that offers financial benefits and increases the value and beauty of your property!

For example, homeowners trying to sell their homes can benefit from installing Energy Star qualified skylights that will not leak. Skylights can make a property more attractive to potential buyers as they allow more natural light into a home, which is a major selling point for house hunters.

Whether you're selling your home or not, adding leak-free skylights can improve your home's efficiency. The natural light skylights in the home can have a positive effect on your mood and reduce the cost of your electricity bill. For example, solar-powered fresh air skylights can improve indoor airflow and air quality. Another benefit of solar-powered skylights is that in addition to windows, blinds, doors, heaters, insulation, installation costs, and more, if they meet Energy Star standards, they'll get federal tax credits through to next year. HomeAdvisor polled homeowners said they pay around $ 1,600 to install solar skylights. On average, people spent between $ 959 and $ 2,340. Considering the price of these features and their benefits, homeowners need to ensure that their skylights are in good working order.

Damage like leaks can cause serious problems like mold, electrical issues, damaged frames, and more. For this reason, it is best to look for signs of skylight leaks, identify the causes of leaks, and fix them. Homeowners who experience any of the three signs of a leaking skylight listed below should plan for professional repairs sooner rather than later.

Your skylight has cracks

Leaks and cracks often accompany each other. A skylight can usually leak if large debris or other objects fall on it, or due to harsh environmental and weather conditions such as a hailstorm causing hail damage. Water can get through a cracked skylight. Note that cracks and leaks can start out small, but eventually grow large enough to completely cover the window.

The skylight has some discoloration

Skylights can turn yellow, cloudy in appearance, or general discoloration as they age. However, discoloration on or around your skylight can also indicate water damage caused by leaks. In addition, homeowners can see the drywall bubbling around the skylight. Such leakage issues can cause skylights to become inefficient because light would only partially enter. A skylight that cannot fill the room with daylight needs to be replaced.

There is moisture

A build-up of moisture can be a sign that a skylight is cracked. This problem can be due to improper sealing of the roof surrounding a skylight. Another cause of leaky skylight and moisture build-up could be damage to the blinker – the flat metal cover that seals a skylight. Leaks and moisture can destroy the metal used in covers, while changes in weather and temperature can cause the roof to expand and contract. Whether leaks in a skylight are due to destroyed lightning bolts, weather damage, poor installation, or the aging of the skylight and roof, these need to be replaced urgently. A skylight and roof repair project is a huge task that only a professional roofer should do. If you leave a roof replacement to a roofing company, e.g. B. Metro City Roofing, a roofing company in Colorado, you can be sure that the roofing project will be a great job and will solve your skylight problems.

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