OAK Milk, however make a bag of Allen's lollipops out of it

In general, one of the first (in my opinion) in Allen & # 39; s Party Mixes, the sweet milk bottle, is now partnered with OAK for a unique, thirst-quenching combo.

The new milk bottles come in two OAK-inspired packs. The first is inspired by classic OAK flavors including creamy chocolate, sweet strawberry, and vanilla malt.

The second package is a call to coffee lovers with milk bottles inspired by OAK Iced Coffee.

The new range is designed to bring back Aussie's memories and a sense of nostalgia.

Allen's OAK-inspired MSRP for mixed milk bottles is $ 2.99 and is available now in the Lolly Aisle at Coles, Woolworths and Independents nationwide. The MSRP of the Allen & # 39; s OAK inspired Iced Coffee Bag is $ 2.99 and is only available at Coles and Independent.

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