Mars Wrigley and oOh! Encourage Victorians to overshadow the “masked breath”.

Press release

20th August 2020

Mars Wrigley Australia, from oOh! Media is cleverly supported, is helping Victorians fight “mask breath” through an Eclipse coin campaign and encouraging them to freshen up behind the mask.

With lockdown conditions requiring masks to be worn in public in Victoria, the campaign lightheartedly addresses a common problem exacerbated by face coverings – smelling your breath.

The campaign is currently running through retail stores in Victoria to promote oOh! Reaching out to the audience wearing masks in close proximity to retail stores. the exclusive out of home partner.

Tim Murphy, Chief Sales Officer of oOh! media said the campaign offered some relief at an extremely difficult time.

"People in Victoria are facing some very difficult circumstances, so it's good to see the Eclipse brand promoting some practical advice in a positive way," he said.

"This campaign will help people get through the mask breath problems most of us have experienced over the past few months and provide a little ease in times of stress."

The campaign was designed to be used outside the home to help Mars Wrigley engage consumers on the journey to purchase and reach people who are concerned about personal hygiene.

Michelle Gazzola, Portfolio Director Gum & Mints at Mars Wrigley Australia, said the Eclipse brand is about freshening your breath, not just to help you connect with others, but also to take care of yourself.

“Wearing a mask isn't fun, so we wanted to be happy and help people. An out-of-home campaign with oOh! Media was the best way to accomplish this as we know we will resonate with our target market when they venture into the stores. "

Source: Lighthouse communication group.

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