In style Varieties Of Sofas You Might Be  In

If you ask people what the first thing they dream about after a long day at work, the majority of them will say, without a moment's hesitation, a comfortable sofa to relax in. With a wide variety of styles, finding the perfect match seems like a daunting task. A sofa is all the more a serious investment.

To help you out, we've done our best to compile a list of the most popular sofa styles that may interest you.

Chesterfield sofa

Iconic for its name alone, the Chesterfield sofa became hugely popular in the 18th century and still fills many fashionable living rooms and sophisticated libraries around the world. It's very easy to distinguish this type of sofa from any other counterpart that might look quite similar – just look at the back, which is decorated with deep button tufts. The arms are elegantly rolled and always have the same height as the back, while high-quality natural leather is the most commonly used material.

Cabriole sofa

Another 18th century favorite, Cabriole is synonymous with luxury and glamor – its striking silhouette takes you back to the time of Louis XV. And the remains of extravagant masked balls. This type of sofa features an exposed wood frame that is often finely carved. In addition, it has a continuous back and arms of equal height and uniquely curved legs with concave lower and convex upper parts. If you're looking for a sofa with separate back cushions, you're out of luck with Cabriole and all in all, it's definitely not the sofa to crawl over.

Camelback sofa

The Camelback sofa is a great choice for anyone interested in traditional style. It also dates back to the 18th century when it was widely popular for its aristocratic spirit. Although this piece of furniture gives a more modern vibe these days, it is still popular with people who prefer a somewhat formal style. Obviously named after its beautifully curved back, it has one or two humps and, like convertibles, has no back cushions.

Sectional sofa

From the 18th century to today, this type of sofa is the result of modern designs and innovative solutions. First appearing in the 1950s, they grew in popularity in the 1980s and are now the first choice for the majority of homeowners. Why?

Popular Types Of Sofas You May Be Interested In - Sectional Sofa

Quite simply, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit every taste and space. Most importantly, however, they provide the most comfortable way to sit, live, and even sleep. The most comfortable sectional sofa offers a whole range of advantages, from sufficient seating to a range of functions such as adjustable parts and storage space. A really versatile piece of furniture, it can be L or U shaped, modular or sleepy, reclining and stationary – in short, you have many options for finding a perfect fit that is tailored to your space.

English roll arm

This sofa is a super comfortable edition and has soft, loose cushions on the underside that you just can't resist. Another representative of the classic style, it goes well with different styles, so it is an ideal choice for all lovers of sofas with rounded arms.

Smoking sofa

While the back of Tuxedo might remind you of the Chesterfield sofa, the only thing the two have in common is tufting. Regardless of whether it is upholstered in luxurious velvet or high-quality leather, this type of sofa impresses with its incredibly clean and, as one can safely say, slightly angular lines. The rectangular silhouette is complemented by high arms and soft cushions that provide additional comfort.

Lawson sofa

This sofa was designed exclusively for the American financier Thomas Lawson at the beginning of the 20th century and is a contemporary version of the English roll arm. Aside from straight lines and modern design, the Lawson sofa has another key difference: the back cushions are not attached to the frame. The arms of this sofa are much lower than the backrest, making it a hot ticket spot for a nap.

Mid century

When you collect contemporary art, you can't find a better sofa that will go with your artwork. Aside from the humor, rectangular shape, clean lines, and solid wooden legs of the mid-century sofa, it works well in any minimalist and contemporary setting – simplicity is beauty. With such a wide range of different sofas on the market, you have many options right at your fingertips. When you know which types are the most popular and why it is much easier to make the right choice and buy the sofa that suits your needs.

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