How a lot does the boiler service value?

In the winter months, a boiler is indispensable for your home. It will keep your house warm and provide you with hot water for bathing and other purposes. You need to make sure that the boiler is always in top condition. If you have not used the kettle for many months in the summer, you will need to have it serviced before using it when winter sets in. You might want to know how much a boiler costs Boiler service costs.

The average cost of having your boiler serviced by a professional is in the range of £ 80. However, you need to be aware of the various issues related to the maintenance of your boiler.

Get the right agency / professional to get the job done

In the UK, Gas Safe engineers are the only recognized professionals servicing boilers. This would be the first factor to consider. There are agencies like Aquatek plumber who undertake to service your boiler. They have registered Gas Safe engineers on their list to carry out the work.

When is it best to have your boiler serviced?

Ideally, before winter, you need to call in the specialist to service your boiler. The demand for service technicians can be very high during this time. You can book the appointment in advance to avoid the last minute rush. You must have the option to have your boiler serviced during the summer months as well. Regardless of the time of year, the best recommendation is that your boiler needs to be serviced at least every 12 months. You can check if the boiler is under warranty. Warranty coverage means that you get two or three years of free service from the date of purchase. You may have to pay for the parts when they need to be replaced.

The different costs of the boiler service

The Boiler service costs can vary from agency to agency or from engineer to engineer. The range, as reported by various sources, is between 72 pounds to 105 pounds. Therefore, an average of 80 pounds is mentioned above. This is the amount you will pay the engineer who comes to service your boiler. If the technician determines that your boiler is not working or that some parts need to be replaced, you will have to pay these costs separately.

How much does the boiler service repair cost?

The modern boilers are equipped with electronic controls. If the circuit board has a hook and needs to be replaced it will cost around £ 260. The combustion fan, gas valve, and water pump each cost £ 210-230. Other parts can cost less.

The security aspect

One of the most important reasons for maintaining your boiler is the safety aspect. Carbon monoxide is released, which is a harmful gas. A gas monitor is attached to the boiler. You need to make sure that it is working properly. This is a safety net for you as it will alert you if the carbon monoxide gas level is higher than normal. Have your boiler serviced and enjoy a pleasant winter.

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