The best way to equip a small kitchen: probably the most needed home equipment

Regardless of what many people think, you don't necessarily need a huge kitchen packed with every conceivable and unimaginable device to be a good home cook. However, even the most talented chefs would not be able to prepare the most humble food without basic kitchen equipment. The situation can become a little more complicated if the area provided for this in your apartment is small and there is hardly any space for all the items from your extensive range of coveted innovations.

Don't worry, the cool thing is that you can forego a large portion of this tricky stuff – check out our list of essential gadgets to make your small kitchen the best place to cook and eat!


Even the smallest kitchen needs a refrigerator. So do your best to find the perfect fit for your tight space. With a multitude of options, it won't be as difficult as it may seem at first glance. When looking for your future refrigerator, forget about the spacious standard variants with a 36-inch waist and focus on thin models. All the more, they offer no less generous storage space. Regardless of the style of your kitchen, you can get a suitable freestanding refrigerator to replenish the look of your space. Alternatively, you can go for a built-in option, but chances are you won't come across a decent freezer option. The bottom line is to make sure your refrigerator has enough space for all of the groceries you normally keep, from dairy products and ice cream to fruits and vegetables.


Without a good oven, you cannot amaze your loved ones or friends to make a perfect roast or delicious baked cheesecake. If your kitchen is not designed for a large oven, you can get a smaller variant with the same impressive performances as its large counterpart.

While built-in wall-mounted ovens offer more flexibility, as you can install them at chest height for added convenience, a small countertop oven is a real hot ticket for tiny kitchen owners. According to Karlos, a kitchen expert from, counter ovens are designed to be incredibly easy to use and, above all, extremely easy to clean – a kind of win-win combination that not only helps save space but also time! In addition, these small but powerful devices are portable and usually come with an extensive package of additional features. The best models can do everything a standard oven can, while also offering plenty of free space for other indispensable devices.


While some people are still confused about whether microwave ovens allow healthy cooking, numerous studies have cleared up all the misconceptions – not only is it safe to cook food in your microwave, but it also allows your food to retain more nutrients compared to cooking. Practical and useful, microwaves are indispensable when it comes to serving meals in a flash, even if they are frozen. Make sure you buy the right size to fit your space and enjoy a delicious breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner in minutes.


Perhaps not the first appliance that comes to mind, a dishwasher is of course a very important part of the story if you are one of those who views spending hours with dirty dishes as a hassle.

How to equip a small kitchen - dishwasher

Thanks to a fairly large selection of dishwashers, you can find a narrow built-in machine that will suit your daily needs. You will also come across a wide variety of countertop products, but these can hardly compete with the standard products in terms of crockery loading and overall performance.

coffee machine

There is no better way to start your day than with a steaming cup of coffee. Whatever your favorite, a creamy cappuccino or a bold long black, leave enough room for a coffee maker that can deliver your perfect cup of the world's most popular drink. Fortunately, you have a number of options right at your fingertips, so even the simplest (even small) coffee pod machines will produce fantastic results.

Nowadays you can take advantage of a really extensive and varied range of kitchen appliances. But be careful – a feast for the eyes, often a trigger for buying things you don't really need. While famous brands strive to get their latest products into full swing, great cooking still comes from the heart and soul. Follow our list of must-haves and enjoy the best of flavors in your small kitchen!

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