Whittaker and Bundaberg are brewing new chocolate

There's a new chocolate on the block, thanks to two local (one practically local) brands.

The family businesses have come together to create the new Whittaker & # 39; s Brewed Ginger Caramel 250g block.

The new block combines velvety ginger caramel, coated in Whittaker's super smooth 5-roll refined, creamy milk chocolate. The caramel filling is made from Bundaberg ginger beer, which is used to make the ginger beer.

The amount of Bundaberg ginger that Whittaker is given for the chocolate is enough to make 335,600 bottles of ginger beer.

"Bundaberg Brewed Drinks' similar approach of using locally grown ginger and even growing and harvesting some of their own ginger, sourcing only the best ingredients and making their products locally fits perfectly with our ethos," explains Holly Whittaker. Co-Chief Operating Officer of Whittaker.

Bundaberg CEO John McLean says it is the first time we have worked with another brand on a product that is widely used in supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand.

“Both family businesses have long been committed to top performance and are anchored in the trans-Tasmanian way of life.

"We hope this will encourage Aussies and Kiwis to hang out with loved ones to share some special moments, great food and delicious beers – all while being socially aloof, of course," says McLean.

Together, as part of the campaign to support the launch of Whittaker & # 39; s Brewed Ginger Caramel, the companies are creating opportunities to encourage friends and family on both sides of the Tasman to virtually meet and indulge themselves. This unique new flavor is available nationwide in both countries.

Whittaker's 250g Ginger Caramel Bars will be available exclusively in Coles from August 31st in all stores across Australia.

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