TCATA low cost for exhibitors on the Clear Present 2021

United States
TCATA, the Textile Care Allied Trades Association, reminds its members of reduced exhibitor prices at the Clean Show Atlanta on October 13th, 2021 TCATA + 1 program, Members can get a substantial discount on stand space at the Clean Show, which can save between $ 500 and $ 30,000 (average $ 3,000) depending on the size of the stand.

Messe Frankfurt, which acquired the fair in 2019, recently announced that the cancellation period for the Clean Show 2021 has been extended from October to December 31. It was also pointed out that all expenses for exhibitor space will be reimbursed or transferred (at the exhibitor's choice) if the Clean Show cannot continue in 2021.

The information needed to plan your participation in Clean 2021 is now available The Clean Show website.

Fred Schwarzman, TCATA President, has some thoughts in the TCATA summer newsletter about where we are with Covid-19. He thought, "If you ever" are we there yet? “Having heard about your back seat halfway on a long drive, you may have a sense of how I am feeling right now. The big difference, of course, is that we don't know how long our current drive will be. We have been for now over six months on this trip (the earliest cases of Covid-19 in the US were in late January).

"Are we halfway already? With luck, we may see an effective and safe vaccine in the next six months. So let's call it halfway. But this trip was brutal. In addition to the terrible health effects, we have seen unprecedented economic disruption in my life. The textile care industries we serve and the industries they rely on have been decimated.

"What brings me to Clean & # 39; 21. TCATA members visit clean shows because historically they have found great value there. I love them as an exhibitor. They have proven to be an excellent opportunity for me to present my products to my sales partners, Introducing my end users and countless prospects. And just think about networking! But after half that drive with Covid, is it time to get involved with Clean & # 39; 21? It's up to each of us to answer this Ask to proceed to the best of my knowledge and belief. "

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