Humorous outside Christmas decorations that you’ll love in 2020

Christmas is around the corner. Keeping the festivities and spirit of the season alive is especially important during this new normal. We know money can be tight these days, but the good news is that there is no need to buy expensive Christmas decor to be the best dressed house in the neighborhood this holiday season.

Here are different ways to turn your landscape into a winter wonderland without breaking the bank:

  • Christmas light balls – Strategically scatter different sizes of light balls over your lawn. This do-it-yourself outdoor decor involves wrapping Christmas lights around chicken wire balls. These inexpensive Christmas decorations will add a chic and magical scene to your garden that will definitely turn heads.
  • Decorated Christmas tree outdoors – What is the Christmas season with a Christmas tree? Christmas trees are not just an indoor Christmas decor. If you have an evergreen tree in your garden, such as a Colorado blue spruce, why not decorate it with colorful ornaments for the holiday season? Beautify your garden with mini fairy lights in the branches.
  • Jazz Up Your Christmas Window Box – Window boxes with annuals are a popular trend in the field of outdoor home decoration today. Since brightly colored flowers cannot withstand extreme winter temperatures, replace them with evergreen branches, brightly colored ribbons and ornaments for Christmas decorations. Incorporating your creative touch will give your window box an impressive look.
  • Go crazy with garlands – Use evergreen garlands to add significant interest to your front door design. This Christmas decoration is flexible and can be easily maneuvered wherever you want to place it. You can hang them on fences or on doors and windows.

Other uses can include:

  • Mailbox post decorations
  • Wrap them around lampposts and porch pillars
  • Run them along deck railings
  • Thread them along archways, arbors, and trellises

Fun outdoor Christmas decorations You will love this 2020 elephant

  • Decorate with topiary animals – The strategic placement of lighted animals in your front yard adds to the holiday mood in your home. You can set up a group of grazing deer from vines or fake greenery and position them to represent Santa's reindeer.
  • Mark sidewalks with path lights – Create a bright welcome path to your front door with fairy lights held up by stakes. Make sure you choose the height of the light inserts according to your local weather conditions. Use a 15-inch stake if you live in an area with lots of snow and 4.5 inches high in areas with no snow.
  • Wrap trees in light – A tree shrouded in lights can brighten up your yard this holiday season. Wrap LED lights around the trunk of an evergreen tree or a bare tree with empty branches up to its branch. This allows the tree to glow in the evening. You can also hang Starlight Spheres on the branches.
  • Decorate hedges with ribbons – Decorate a row of hedge plants with ribbons for Christmas. Frost formation on the leaves or snow falling on the hedge adds well to the festive feel of the holiday season.
  • Install a landscape lighting system – By installing a landscape lighting system in your front yard, you can highlight the best aspects of your outdoor Christmas decorations and the surrounding landscape. The modern landscape lighting system has timers with WiFi connection and LED color changing lights. For more information on landscape lighting systems, visit

There are a variety of affordable materials that you can use to brighten up your home for Christmas. Whether you're looking for recycled or used pallets and affordable outdoor lighting in Toronto, you can find them with a little extra effort.

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