Primary instruments that each actual plumber wants of their equipment

Whether you are a professional plumber or a responsible homeowner, there are basic tools you need to make small corrections too.

Here's what every real plumber should have in their kit.

Pipe cutter

Also known as a pipe cutter or pipe cutter, they do exactly what it says on the can – cut through most piping with ease, get a clean and smooth cut, and get it done very quickly. They are ideal for use in confined spaces and are available in different sizes. As a result, every plumber usually has a number of the most popular copper pipe diameters in their toolbox.

Telescopic pipe cutter

Next, the must-have tool for any plumber worth their salt, a telescopic pipe cutter can be adjusted (this is why it is also known as an adjustable pipe cutter) to cut pipes with a perfect cut from 3mm to 35mm thick. When searching online for the telescopic cutter in a plumbing area, be aware that the available pipe thickness can vary greatly from brand to brand. So make sure you get the largest selection or the sizes you work with most often. Some models come with a built-in deburr which is great for improving the end result.

Spirit level

The purpose of the spirit levels is to provide you with valuable information about whether a surface is horizontal (flat) or vertical (perpendicular). They come in a variety of sizes, but the largest will give you the most accurate results. Nowadays, many installers use the state of the art and prefer digital spirits over their classic counterparts, mainly because of their high precision.

Water pump pliers

In addition, the channel lock or sliding joint pliers and the water pump pliers are simply irreplaceable when it comes to grip work. Perhaps the most widely used tool around, these pliers help plumbers tighten or loosen a wide variety of things thanks to their long handles and a range of sizes of easily adjustable jaws.

Basic tools that every real plumber needs in their kit - plumber kit


Don't overestimate the numerous advantages of a good ol 'hacksaw – you need it to cut pretty much anything from pipes and nuts to rusted bolts and screws. A truly versatile helper, it works on a wide variety of materials including steel, brass, plastic, and wood.

Pipe wrench

Often described as an icon in the plumber's toolbox, Pipe Wrench features toothed jaws for removing stuck pipes and bolts. It's also the best option for dealing with softer pipes and rounded fittings.

Drain rods

Nothing compares to drain bars when it comes to clearing drains and sewers. When cut together end to end, they have magical powers to free any pipe in a flash. Remember that most households do not bother buying these tools. So make sure you do this.

Allen Keys

Every real plumber has a set of Allen keys, or Allen keys if you like the other variant better. Since the majority of faucets and shower heads are held in place with hex head screws, you'll need one of these wrenches to attach and remove them without spending an entire day.

Cordless drill

Despite what you may be thinking, Cordless Combi-Drill is not a luxury, but part of the standard equipment for every plumber. With a quality product, screws, screws and holes can be drilled quickly, easily and with lots of fun. It's far from an exhaustive list of tools plumbers use, of course, but it's a decent phrase to get the job done to begin with!

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