What to do in case your roof is broken by robust winds

If they are not blown, they will be damaged. High winds are not a fan of roofs, and you should know how to check for damage and make repairs after a storm to keep their quality and integrity for years. If you need a full replacement, you should also know what factors to consider to avoid further problems.

To that end, this post will help clear all your doubts about strong wind roof damage and offer suggestions on how to proceed with the repairs. Keep scrolling! First, let's give an idea of ​​how to identify roof damage that may look simple but will get worse in the days to come.

Check the attic

Do you notice water stains on your walls or ceiling? Go to the attic and see if the roof is leaking or showing any signs of damage that could cause the same thing. If you notice flooding in your attic or too much water on the roof, you may need to consult an expert for a full replacement.

Missing clapboard

If there's been a tornado or hurricane near you, be sure to check your roof for any missing shingles, as the strong wind can blow the nails off and move the shingles. Try to get a better look at the roof from outside the house, preferably from the front or back. If you don't notice any missing shingles on your roof, check to see if they have curled up or buckled under the influence of the wind.

Damage from hailstorms

Often the strong winds are accompanied by hail, which can cause dents or holes in the roof. You can hire experts from reliable companies, such as Qeiroof.com, to do a thorough inspection of the roof and check for damage. If you don't inspect the roof after a hailstorm or similar disaster, the damage can take on pretty bad form in the next storm and the repairs can be more expensive than.

Loose blinking

This is one of the most common damage to glistening roofs in areas like chimneys, vents, roof edges, and skylights. After the storm, check these areas for signs of missing or detached lightning and get professionals to reinstall them.

What to do if your roof is damaged by strong winds

Fallen rubble

During a massive storm, things ranging from leaves, twigs, and broken glass to large trees and poles can fall on the roof. They cause tremendous damage to the roof as well as the entire structure of your home that may need to be repaired and replaced immediately. Even if the damage is minor, you shouldn't let it happen as the next storm can be deadly.

Now that you know how to check the roof for damage, you should take the necessary steps to reconstruct the roof or have the damaged materials replaced with the help of professional roofers. Apart from that, you may also need to make a claim for the insurance that covers the repair costs. So make the right choice for the company you intend to do these repairs for. How does it work? The following suggestions can help:

Get local

It is advisable to always choose local contractors for ease of communication and ease of reference. You can also ask them to show their license, insurance, and other certifications to build trust before they start working on your roof.

Insurance requirements

If the company can go the extra mile to help you with your insurance claims to cover repair costs, you can opt for their services right away. Few contractors will handle this headache for you. So don't let go of her.

Right experience

This is an area that requires years of experience in order to develop expertise and build a good reputation in the market. So, turn to a contractor with more than a decade of experience to provide the best solutions for your repair needs.

Security concerns

Check whether their solutions ensure security in the long term. No seasoned contractor will risk their reputation by neglecting the safety factor. So this requirement is always linked to the previous one, which indicates the importance of choosing a company with years of experience.

Some other things to consider when choosing a roofer are:

  • do not hurry– If the roof has been badly damaged, do not rush the repair work and let the professionals handle things their own way. There is no “quick fix” for some rebuilding work, and patience is key to getting the best results.
  • Look for a temporary apartment– If you stay under the damaged roof during the repair, there is a risk that you should not take at all costs. Find another place to stay temporarily.


Some roof damage is minor while others take more time to reconstruct. However, if you have the right professionals to help you with the repairs, you can be sure that your roof will be as good as new when the process is complete. However, ignoring the problem can make it worse. So make the appropriate decision.

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