Create the flavour in your favor

Just reading the words "roasting trends" is enough to send a whiff of the scent of hot coffee beans through my nose.

"The trend in coffee blends last year was more based on style and roast philosophy than on preferred origins," says Paul Golding, Head Roaster at Paradox Coffee Roasters.

It doesn't take much to realize that visiting the local café is a luxury that many love – so many of us become self-proclaimed "foodies" and "coffee connoisseurs" through social media.

In the latest issue of Retail World Magazine, I spoke to some seasoned coffee roasters about current and past trends in coffee flavors.

"The demand is now from cafe owners and consumers who are returning to safer soil with stronger, simpler, and more calming coffee blends," Golding says.

So, which flavors are following most of the cafe owners and consumers?

"The most popular styles we sell are either caramel and rich or crispy and fruity, but both have to be strong and dairy-oriented."

Regarding age, "younger people tend to be more adventurous in their search for new tastes and easily follow the trend that is happening at a particular time," he continues.

"Older people may have found their preferred style and are comfortable with it rather than trying a range of new options," he said.

The environmental influences on the taste

“Research clearly shows that the environment influences the perception of taste, and there are numerous examples of this in the food and beverage industry. I believe that coffeehouses that focus on providing their customers with a better experience will consistently get more positive feedback on taste and sales through higher loyalty, especially after the major re-evaluation of priorities during COVID-19. "

While blends, roast styles and origins are important factors when buying coffee, it is also important for cafes to consider the increasing influence of sustainability and environmental aspects.

Read more in the August issue of Retail World.

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