Foodbank takes the "shock" from meals donations

Foodbank Australia and General Mills are rethinking the model to remove some of the uncertainty in the food donation supply chain.

In a model only available at Foodbank, General Mills' Rooty Hill facility in west Sydney will produce an average of 10,000 special meals of Latina Fresh Ricotta and Spinach Agnolotti per month for people in need for the next year.

"With one in five Australians facing food insecurity at some point in the past year, widespread unemployment and economic recession hit families hard and fast," said Brianna Casey, Chief Executive Officer of Foodbank Australia.

"People are making it difficult right now, and it's partnerships like this Collaborative Supply Program that allow us to plan ahead and move every dollar forward."

Michael Davidson, General Manager of Foodbank Australia – National Supply Chain added, “This model allows us to go beyond critical but unpredictable products that are diverted from the landfill to a constant supply of staple foods like this premium noodle product from General Mills .

"We have seen this model work very successfully with other pantry staples and we are excited to see this further expansion of our partnership with General Mills come to life."

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Ferraro Dairy Foods, based in Tullamarine, supplies the ricotta for the pasta filling.

"At Ferraro Dairy we are always ready to help families and people in any way we can," says Ferraro.

"So it's great to be involved in this initiative and to support people who are injured in multiple ways."

In addition to the product donation, General Mills through its foundation made a grant of over $ 200,000 to Foodbank Australia to help the Foodbank respond to the population's increased need for staple foods due to the pandemic.

With so many challenges trying to put Aussies down, it's great to see such work being done in support of the community.

Visit to donate for Foodbank's COVID-19 response.

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