Desk lamps are sensible choices for lighting

Changes to the interior of your home don't need to be completely redesigned, including replacing the floorboards and buying brand new pieces of furniture. Lighting is the simple tool that can instantly change the mood of a room. And table lamps are convenient options for lighting.

Before you go shopping (or window shopping) online or in person, here is a list of tips you can follow to find the ideal one for you.

Table lamps are practical options for lighting: how to choose the perfect table lamps

1. Start with the size

Both for the table lamp you prefer and for the environment – mainly your room. First, look at the room from a bird's eye view. How big or small are the decors in it? Are there some bulky pieces of furniture? Where can you put the new table lamp? At the same time, do some research on the dimensions of the lamps you are keeping an eye on and see that they fit exactly. Again, this applies not only to the size, but also to the overall appearance of the rest of the ornaments and furniture in your home.

2. The statement piece

Here you can let your creativity run free (see what we did there?). Since you've already done a retrospective on number 1, you can improve this by being artistic with the pattern and build of the lamp. Skilled interior designers have found that isolated statement pieces are all you need to project a "boring" looking background in style and well put together. And if you stick to this category, you can be out of the box regarding which type of lantern to choose. Why not go the unconventional route of non-traditional designs? Many modern brands have this chic, simplified appearance that shines as a statement piece without being distracting. Or without colliding with the decor.

Table lamps are practical options for lighting - amazing table lamp

3. A touch of color

For monochromatic, neutral to natural wall colors, tinted lamps are an excellent way to make the entire aesthetic look interestingly fashionable. Either the stand itself can be this contrasting shade, or maybe the shadow. When in doubt, take a look at the colors where you want the lamp to be. The color of the pillows, picture frames, carpet, etc. All but the walls. Then choose a shade from these and match it to that of the lamp.

4. Lamp holder

Next, check out this detail. Although many modern lamps have a universal socket size, there are still some that are only tailored to very different lamp types. It is better to go the universal way. That way, you won't have any trouble buying lightbulbs. In fact, most LEDs have a universal base so they can be used in any type of lamp and other lighting device.

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