Welded Spiral Pipes and Fin Posts: Every part You Ought to Know

Pile tubes are important elements in the construction of new structures. They support the impact and lift the loads. Essentially, a pile pipe is a pre-built structure that allows deep foundations to raise large loans. Engineers usually hammer these structures onto the ground. The ground friction keeps them in place. Pipe piles are available in different designs.

The choice you make will depend on the type of soil. Fine piles can be used in a wide variety of applications. From sea dolphins to tower foundations to abutments, spiral pile tube and fin piles have so much to offer. Here's everything you should know about fin piles.

Why are fin posts so special?

Just like their traditional tube piles, fin piles can be used in a number of construction projects. They resemble tubular piles on a traditional basis. The only difference is in the design. They are equipped with angle plate ribs. These panels help optimize the results of the construction project.

Superior tensile strength

One of the best things about fin stakes is that they have superior strength. Remember, you will have to use a hammer to knock a traditional pile to the ground. The ground friction then holds them in place. For this reason, piles have the necessary strength to withstand both large tensile and extensive loads. Usually stakes are driven into the ground like screws. This creates additional friction (i.e., due to soil deformation).

Inexpensive and convenient

Nothing is as central in construction as the cost. Construction managers are looking for ways to reduce construction costs. And that is exactly what piles of fins bring to the table. For example, if you want to build a structure on soft ground, go for fin stakes. You have increased the strength. Unlike traditional piles, many fin piles are not required to maintain structural loading. Plus, you don't need to install long stacks of fins. The tensile strength solves this problem. As a result, you will end up saving a lot of money.

Spiral welded pipe and fin posts - fin posts

Better energy absorption

The function of piles is to absorb shocks such as vibrations or earthquakes. They protect your structure from damage when subjected to such impacts. Of course, conventional stakes can absorb some shock. You have limits, however. And this is where the fin posts come into play. Designed to absorb heavy impacts, they can rely on fin stakes for all of your tightening needs. You can absorb massive shock without losing strength. This makes them ideal for building structures like nursing dolphins.

Use of tubular piles

Pipe piles are ideal for the construction of seaports and courtyard buildings. They are used in areas such as seal work and marine foundations. They can also be used to erect structures under a building, bridges, etc. Other uses of the pile tubes include:

  • Onshore, offshore and highway construction
  • Tower constructions
  • Railway construction
  • Construction of a shipyard
  • Construction of oil / gas foundations

The bottom line

Finned tube piles are extremely important in the construction industry. They are used in various applications. They support excessive loads. So if you want to strengthen your structure, consider fin tube stakes. The above guide includes all of the finned tube piles.

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