Simple technique to hold FABRIC MASKS CLEAN and dry


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Masks are in contact with our faces for many hours a day. You breathe air through them, so it is important that you wash them without using chemicals. Many detergents are filled with harsh chemicals.

If you're using a natural, chemical-free laundry soap, you're doing a good job.

These are my natural washing, drying, and storage tips.


First of all, I suggest keeping a delicate laundry bag in a convenient place so that everyone can use their used mask at the end of the day. I keep one in the mud room.

The liquid castile soap from Dr. Bronner is perfect for washing masks. It's natural, made from natural oils that break down makeup, sweat and dirt easily and leave no residue. I love dr Bronners with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial antimicrobial agent. What could be better for a mask that you wear over your mouth and nose?

You can add a few squirts (read the directions on the label) to a basin of very warm water. Let them sit for about 10 minutes, then squeeze the solution through the masks to dissolve and remove dirt. Fill a basin with fresh water, rinse the masks well and squeeze water through the mask. Rinse several times. DO NOT use fabric softener or scented pearls. They are loaded with chemicals you don't want to breathe and can cause irritation to your face.

You can also wash the masks in the washing machine. Put them in a delicate pouch and use the Dr. Bronner soap according to the dilution instructions. Let them go through the entire cycle. I use the quick cycle which is 35 minutes. It works perfectly.


No matter how you wash and dry the masks, it can be painful. Don't put them in the dryer. It can shrink and ruin its shape. I've seen people hang them on door handles all over the house. I have found that a scarf or hat hanger works perfectly and contains many masks.

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It contains a lot of masks and doesn't take up any extra space.


I have a container for each of us in which we keep our clean masks in a convenient place for each of us.

I also like to keep some masks ready in the car. I use an inexpensive wallet hook attached to the headrest to hang my clean spares. Check the purse hook at this link. You can use up to 4 headrests on the front seats.

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