Cadbury's champion marketing campaign with Bonus Good Watch

Cadbury Australia pledged to support the country's Olympic and Paralympic athletes as the team's official chocolate partner for Tokyo 2020 earlier this year.

Despite the postponement of events, Cadbury will continue to support the teams at home and encourage all Australians to join as each athlete prepares to compete on the world stage in Tokyo next year.

Vanessa Low wears the Cadbury Bonus Smart Watch Photo: @collectionsfromhim

July 8 Cadbury launched its Bonus Smart Watch Initiative, which encourages people to enjoy fun and carefree activities with family and friends while taking care of their general wellbeing. For two weeks at Coles, Cadbury fans have the opportunity to participate in and redeem one of 25,000 smartwatches.

“While the excitement associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Games has been put on hold for 12 months, our smart watch giveaway offers people an entertaining tool to help them stay active while life is slowly returning to normal,” explains senior marketing manager at Mondelez Australia, Kathy De Lullo.

"We will work with some amazing Australian athletes to encourage people to spend some time on their wellbeing at a time when we have had to focus on so many other things."

Paralympic athlete Vanessa Low says that postponing the games has brought some challenges, but she's working hard to keep her focus.

"If my accident and the loss of my legs taught me one thing, life is always different than planned, and sometimes it turns out that changes in plan are our greatest chance."

"I take the time to grow, learn something new and develop new habits of mindfulness and self-reflection to maintain my well-being."

With the Bonus Smart Watch feature, users can plan their day and take the time they need to stay active. For example, the smart watch can help monitor the effectiveness of meditation with its heart rate monitor and track activity and movement via its pedometer. It can also help you plan regular breaks using the reminder function and track sleep quality in combination with a smartphone.

The Cadbury Bonus Smart Watches can be redeemed online at

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