Interclean Amsterdam: Right here, there and in all places

Interclean in Amsterdam in November is breaking new ground as it offers both online and personal attendance to seduce visitors to the event as the world resigns itself to life with Covid-19 after the ban.

Interclean has expanded the physical event, which will take place at RAI Amsterdam from November 3rd to 6th, to a combination of online and face-to-face visits that will allow anyone to participate, with global government and corporate restrictions on travel and large Meetings are taken into account.

Online and on-site training complement each other and are available to everyone throughout the day. They offer the opportunity to visit companies (virtually), plan meetings with people you want to meet, and establish contacts with colleagues.

In addition to the regular on-site knowledge program, participants can follow the interactive sessions live online and ask questions directly to the speakers.

Ensuring security during the event
RAI Amsterdam is ready to organize Interclean Amsterdam safely and responsibly. Robert Stelling, exhibition manager, explains; "We are confident that we will be able to proactively and effectively address all of the risks associated with Covid-19 at the show. We are fully prepared to bring people together safely and relive the power of connections, both physically and physically . " the virtual world.

“The current challenge has only made us more committed to fulfilling our role as a meeting place for hygiene professionals, building bridges for successful collaboration and providing a platform for the exchange of expertise across the global industry. We strongly believe that this is all the more important as organizations around the world try to reach a consensus on how to fight outbreaks like Covid-19. Interclean Amsterdam can thus provide an important impetus for the global economy at a time when it is urgently needed in the face of global health problems. "

The laundry suppliers at the fair are represented by a cache of dosing system suppliers (see below), and the EcoCert Group will also be there. The EcoCert Group, a world leader in the certification of organic farming, is based on an international network with subsidiaries that operate in over 80 countries. The lack of a sufficiently stringent detergent standard is a problem that EcoCert Greenlife 2006 responded to by creating a detergent standard that contains ingredients of natural / organic origin that are free of petrochemical surfactants and free of phosphates. Today, more than 2100 cleaning products are EcoCert certified.

Interclean players for laundry dispensing systems include:

The flexible and modular BrightLogic chemical laundry dosing system from Brightwell is ideal for machines of all sizes, from small commercial OPL washing machines to tunnel systems. The durable and technologically advanced system can be programmed for up to 20 programs. Brightwell also supplies a range of laundry accessories to make installation easier.

Dema engineering

The company produces and designs chemical delivery and control systems that specialize in washing, dishwashing, kitchen and cleaning systems. Dema recently introduced a chemical packaging system that removes chemical waste and avoids user contact with chemicals.

Hydro systems

Hydro Systems, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with offices and support teams around the world, is the world's largest independent manufacturer of chemical injection, dosing, dispensing, and treatment equipment.


In the cleaning systems area, Injecta offers a complete product range from small peristaltic pumps to dosing systems for industrial areas. Key products are dosing pumps, laundry systems, disinfection and dilution systems.

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