Easy methods to show your houseplants

Have you just bought your first succulent and are you looking for the best way to display it? Or maybe you are a longtime plant lover who can't stop buying new plants for his collection. Do you urgently need ideas on how you can best present your plants to transform your jungle into an organized and well thought-out plant harbor? Yes, it is something achievable!

Houseplants are not only a great way to add green to a house, they also refresh and purify the air, elevate your mood and brighten your rooms. Thanks to the abundance of available houseplants, you will find the perfect plant for every room in your home – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, as you call it! Remember to adjust the right plant to the right lighting and growing conditions so it can thrive and bloom.

1. Hang loosely.

Hanging flower pots, vertical gardens and wall planters are a nice way to showcase your houseplants. There are many ways you can hang your plants, from installing hooks to hang plants on the ceiling, attaching your plant pots to the wall, to mounting succulent plants on the walls to create vertical gardens.

It is important that your hooks and brackets are properly attached so that your plants hang securely in place. There are also things to consider when hanging things on walls, such as the type of wall, positioning, hidden cables and pipes behind the walls, and the size and weight of what you want to hang. Maybe it's best to leave it to the professionals? Our artisans in London can hang pots efficiently and quickly.

2. Shelf it.

Add a shelf above your bed, above your kitchen cabinets, next to your desk, in the corners of your room – wherever! Maybe add a wall of shelves to fill with plants. This is a great way to layer plants and leaf shapes of different sizes. If you can't find the perfect shelf for your wall, choose custom shelves. Tailor-made shelves perfectly match your room!

3. Light it.

You can install grow lights to let your houseplants grow and thrive, or simply add dramatic lighting to make your plants more noticeable. Our London electricians can help you install new lights to make your system presentation even more special.

4th Think behind the plants.

When you've found the perfect place for your Monstera deliciosa, think about what the plant is surrounding – the walls, the furniture, everything. You may want to move your furniture to make your plant the center or center of your space. Paint your walls in a different color to show off your plant even better. Opt for bright colors, a two-tone wall or any color! Our decorators in London paint your room with one shot so you don't have to get your hands dirty.

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