How one can put together for a backyard summer time occasion

Whether you're hosting an afternoon tea party for your kids or inviting some close family members to a socially distant garden party, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready.

Maybe you have avoided your garden since last summer and now the weeds are big, the terrace is dingy and your garden furniture is covered with cobwebs. Before you think about which sandwich to serve with your afternoon tea or which cocktail you want to prepare for your garden party, you should give your garden the much-needed attention.

If you have not ignored your outside area, you may have a green thumb and weed already and lots of flowers are blooming in your garden. There are still things you can do to make sure your garden area is ready to welcome your guests.

Make your terrace brand new.

Remove accumulated slime, dirt, grime and moss with a pressure washer. You can rent one or book our jet wash specialist today to do it for you so you can sit down and relax. We can blow up every inch of dirt with a jet washing machine and make your terrace look fresh again.

You may have noticed grass or weeds growing between your paving stones, causing some of the stones to crack, don't worry! Our team can repair your terrace joints and rework paving stones.

Give your garden furniture a boost.

Pressure washers can also be used to thoroughly clean garden furniture. If your wooden garden furniture is already squeaky clean but needs its shine back, it's time to treat it. The treatment of wooden furniture extends the lifespan, resists the elements and makes them look brand new.

If there is no way to restore your furniture, or if you'd rather buy new garden furniture, do it! You don't have to spend hours trying to build new flatpack furniture. Our artisans in London can assemble your flatpack garden furniture in no time. Write down the assembly instructions for the furniture and call our team 0800-0-12-12-12 and enjoy the sunny weather.

Paint the exterior of your house.

Paint the outside of your home for a quick refresh. Even if you just beautify your fence and shed, it will have a wonderful effect on the look of your house! If you don't want to get your hands dirty, our London decorators will help you and give the outside of your house a fresh coat of paint.

Illuminate the way.

Make sure your outdoor lights are working properly. If you don't have one installed, it may be time to place some lights outdoors. Lights not only improve visibility when it gets dark, lights can also be very decorative and give your outdoor area a special touch. If you need the squad for any of these tasks, please contact our team, who will be happy to help you.

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