Rest room upgrades which can be completely worthwhile

When you visit a friend's apartment or house for the first time and "go on the tour", the sales pitch usually follows something like this: the sofa in the living room is made of Egyptian cotton and mahogany, the kitchen counters are made of Welsh slate and are imported by hand The bedroom has a walk-in closet that an elephant can fit in, and the bathroom is "over there". It's pretty obvious that the bathroom doesn't get enough love, even though we spend a lot of time here. The best way to do justice to the bathroom is to give it the care and consideration that it needs.

With that in mind, here is a list of 7 bad upgrades that are absolutely worth it!

Better lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom, as there are often many tiles, mirrors and other shiny surfaces in the bathroom that are ideal for reflecting light. Windows are a great natural light source, but not always practical in every bathroom. Upgrading your bathroom with LED lighting panels that are cheap, reliable and environmentally friendly should be the first item on your upgrade list. Stick to what works and avoid fancy designs and over-styled lighting, especially if you're on a budget.

A new toilet seat

This upgrade seems to come a little bit from the left panel, but a new toilet seat can make a big difference to the bathroom experience. The days of the classic toilet seat can be counted as new high-tech models with heating functions and LED lights for night use are becoming increasingly popular. There are tons of great online resources on the best brands and models of toilet seats to consider when upgrading your bathroom. If you are not interested in LED lights and heated seats, spot-free toilet seats are also available these days, with which you need less scrubbing. This is certainly welcome news for everyone.

Additional storage

Your home can always benefit from extra storage space, and a bathroom is certainly a place where order and order are highly valued. Toilet paper, towels, lotions and shampoo must be kept so that your bathroom doesn't get into chaos. The bathrooms are great because there are so many little nooks and crannies that are perfect for extra storage. under the sink, above the toilet, in the shower, where there is always more space. To increase the storage capacity of your bathroom, simply set up a closet or a waterproof shelf and you can tidy up where previously there was clutter. Mirror cabinets are great for bathrooms as they are multi-functional and you don't need to add an extra mirror if wall space may be limited.

A separate bath and shower

A standard combination of bath and shower is perfectly functional, but also very ordinary and does not make any real statement. In addition, a combined bath and shower requires a plastic shower curtain that is the least attractive in any room in the house. A separate bath and shower offers more freedom of choice after a long day and is much easier to clean. When choosing your shower stall, consider glass options that really sparkle under your new LED lights and give your bathroom a really luxurious look.

His and her sinks

Morning time is critical, and especially for large families or working couples, multiple sinks save so much time and reduce the number of early morning arguments. His and her sinks have become very popular in master bathrooms with a bath, but there has been a recent trend that people are installing multiple sinks in their family bathroom. It can be a real treat for children to have their own sink, especially for young children who first learn the right hygiene and dental care habits. Place all bathroom products around the sink so they know it's just for them and they spend more time washing each day.

Bathroom upgrades that are absolutely worth it - sink

Upgrading your bathroom is very easy and can make a big difference to your home. Our bathrooms are inexplicably overlooked when it comes to the focus of our interior design strategies, but it is so beneficial to create a great bathroom environment. If you want to upgrade the bathroom in your home, try some of the tips in this guide and you can create the perfect bathroom for the whole family.

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