adorn your partitions and make your home extra alive

Have you just moved into a new house and are wondering what to add to these dull looking walls? Do you have any ideas on how to make them more alive? You are in the right place. Regardless of your style, there are several ideas to turn these boring walls into beautiful centerpieces.

Whether you have a large or a small house, here are ideas on how to decorate your walls and get great results:

Install hanging shelves

Wall shelves are versatile and can be placed in any part of your room. In addition to their aesthetic value, they also offer functionality because you can store some of your items in them. There are hundreds of incredible designs for you to choose from. Forget the popular rectangular ones that are going through your head. Install some shelves of different sizes in the area above your TV. You can use them to keep books or works of art and attract attention.

Also add some shelves to the walls of your washroom. You can place some detergents and other detergents here. You can also use accessories or plants to breathe life into your wash area. You can also replace a bookcase with floating shelves and display your favorite books in your living room. Paint the shelves in a color that matches that of your walls for a harmonious look.

Add background image

Background images are fantastic options to enhance the look of any room. They are available in different colors, patterns and textures. Adding background images is an inexpensive way to make your room more attractive. You can use them to cover the entire walls of your house. You can also choose not to overwhelm your walls by adding wallpaper halfway up either up or down. Covering some parts creates a traditional look in your home, while covering the whole part creates a modern look.

You can also use a combination of two different types of background images in a single wall, each with different colors and textures. This can be difficult and may not work well if you choose patterns that don't complement each other. Make your home more alive by placing an artwork on your wallpaper. The combination of the two can be difficult. If you're not careful, you can have an artwork that competes with your wallpaper instead of complementing it. Collect framed artwork and wallpapers that complement each other at

Hang up the mirror

Mirrors offer both functionality and style. They are available in different sizes and shapes. They also come in different styles: classic, modern and traditional. Think about which look you want to achieve with them and decide which one you want to buy. When strategically placed, they make a small room appear larger and a dark one brighter. To do this, you need to place your mirrors at certain points.

How to decorate your walls and make your house more alive - mirrors

Hang a mirror on the wall in the opposite direction of a window so that it can reflect light and brighten your room. You can also hang it over something attractive like a piece of art or furniture to make it stand out. Even if you have little space, do not be afraid to hang a large mirror. It will make your home appear dramatically larger than it is. Don't be afraid to experiment. You can even have a mirror gallery wall. It brings elegance and uniqueness to your room. If your home is very small, lean a full-length mirror against a wall instead of hanging it up. This would work well in tight spaces such as hallways.

Use houseplants

Integrate nature into your space. Make a hanging indoor garden on your walls to show off your favorite plants. In addition to their aesthetic element, plants also offer a lot of functionality. Some absorb toxins from your room and purify the air, which improves occupant comfort. Grow some edible plants like herbs on your kitchen walls.

Place a grille on your wall and hang potted plants on it. You can also hang a planter directly on the wall with a hook. Use containers of different colors and sizes for your plants to get a better look. Plants also have therapeutic functions and have been shown to improve mood and reduce stress. Nobody wants to spend their days in a house with empty walls. Use the tips above to lighten your walls and invite your house to life.

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