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It is known that static electricity can wreak havoc in a production facility. SMC Corporation experts in Australia and New Zealand have seen it time and time again, and now, in the middle of winter, static electricity is everywhere.

By positive marketing consultant Rene Rose

Because of the static charge, many manufacturers have fallen victim to high reject rates, inferior end products, machine operators who suffer from bumps, dust adhering to workpieces and even misaligned labels.

A static electricity problem can be costly. It is largely overlooked in the manufacturing process and generally affects the quality of the end product.

Fight statically

Fortunately, static charging can be solved quickly, easily and efficiently: with a high-quality ionizer.

Over the years, SMC has developed further innovations beyond pneumatics. The range of rod, nozzle and fan ionizers is proof of this.

The company prides itself on creating added value and solving problems across the board and has become a supplier for all of your automation needs.

SMC's extensive range of ionizers

Depending on the application and environment, different options and types of ionizers are offered.

Forget about product refusals, senseless maintenance hours and machine downtimes due to static electricity. SMC ionizers instantly deliver results to optimize the quality of your processes, ensure a safe work environment, and improve your output quality.

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