Rinnai introduces distant monitoring for warm water techniques

United Kingdom
Rinnai, the UK’s leading provider of continuous flow hot water supply systems, is immediately introducing an advanced remote monitoring system that provides instant access, intelligent service and maintenance.

This advanced surveillance system enables the advanced proprietary Rinnai water heater technology to be transferred to an on-site BMS system or IP via cloud services.

In this way, construction managers, energy managers, end users and FM experts can set alarm functions, trend data, event handling, temperature setpoints, temperature control for legionella regimes and many other monitoring functions. Alarms can be set; The functionality can be checked. Any malfunction can be corrected by an initial correction since the visibility is improved, which in turn significantly reduces the downtime on site. This new system helps devices and systems achieve maximum efficiency for the life of the devices based on the advanced data analysis of temperature and combustion setpoints.

With a constant gas and water supply, Rinnai hot water heaters are guaranteed to deliver temperature-accurate hot water in unlimited quantities for all hygiene systems at all locations.

The new monitoring system will integrate Rinnai's proprietary communication into the open protocol BMS. This is also compatible with touchscreen technology to get local feedback from water heaters through an intuitive user experience.

The system can connect up to six commercial Rinnai instantaneous water heaters to an intelligent serial hub, which in turn transposes Rinnai data objects via gateway technology to display them on an open protocol BMS.

The advanced system takes today's and future security into account because the serial hub and gateway can be transferred as data objects to a range of communication protocols, including – BACnet / IP, BACnet MS / TP and Modbus RTU.

Due to the many proprietary data objects that can be transmitted by the water heating systems, preventive and even predictive maintenance measures can be defined.

This system has been used at multiple locations by a global food service chain using Rinnai N's new 1300i series water heaters. The global chain also focuses this monitoring system on predictive maintenance.

Also available from Rinnai: 24/7 technical support; 24/7 availability of products and spare parts; digital technology aids such as the "Help Me Choose" function on the website www.rinnaiuk.com.

Rinnai manufactures over 2 million water heaters each year, leading the way in creating real benefits for users. The full range of Rinnai hot water heaters can be delivered the next day if orders are placed before noon the previous day.

Contact the company directly on 01928 531 870 or email engineering@rinnaiuk.com or sales@rinnaiuk.com or – or alternatively use the intelligent online contact points "Help Me Choose" or "Ask Us a Question" all stored on the website are website homepage at www.rinnaiuk.com.

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