The Elis shareholders approve the 2019 annual monetary statements

Elis' shareholders approved the 2019 financial statements at a meeting held behind closed doors on Tuesday 30 June, according to the French government's immediate measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, without the physical presence of the shareholders. at the company headquarters in Saint-Cloud with simultaneous webcast. The quorum was 77.73% and the shareholders approved all resolutions put to the vote. The entire vote was held remotely before the meeting. The joint general meeting was chaired by Thierry Morin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, in the presence of the members of the Executive Board.

The shareholders also approved the appointment of Fabrice Barthélémy and Amy Flikerski to the Supervisory Board for four years, which expire at the end of the Annual General Meeting and are to be convened for approval of the annual financial statements as of December 31, 2023. Barthélémy, a French citizen, is President of the Board of Directors of Tarkett.

Canadian citizen Flikersky is a senior portfolio manager in the external portfolio management group of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments).

After the meeting, the Elis board of directors now has nine members, six of whom are independent and five are female. This composition reflects the renewed efforts of the Board of Directors to continue its internationalization strategy and to enrich the diverse profile of its members.

Shareholders also approved the 2020 compensation policy for the Company's senior executives (ie, the President and Directors, and the President and Supervisory Board) as amended in connection with Covid-19, the information referred to in Article 1 L .225-37-3, I of the French Commercial Code in relation to the new ex-post vote on the remuneration of all officers and approved the fixed, variable and exceptional elements of the total remuneration and benefits of any kind paid or granted for the 2019 financial year to the members of the Management Board and the President of the Supervisory Board in accordance with Article L.225-100-III of the French Commercial Code.

The shareholders approved the renewal of the authorization granted to the Management Board with regard to share buybacks.

Shareholders have also accepted new authorizations and delegations in relation to the issuance of shares and / or securities with and without shareholders' privileges or the issuance of shares in return for in kind (except in the case of a public exchange offer). The delegation to increase the share capital for employees who are members of a savings plan of a company or a group or employees of the company's foreign subsidiaries, and the delegation of powers to reduce the share capital by canceling own shares have also been renewed.

The shareholders also approved the authorization granted to the Management Board to allocate free shares in the company to the employees and / or executives of the company or the group company. The results of the vote on all resolutions submitted to shareholders are available on the company's website under “General Meetings”.

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