Hydrofinity goes on the offensive in opposition to Covid-19

When the Covid-19 health crisis quickly spread to the world, Hydrofinity and its partners quickly adapted to help fight the pandemic.

Hydrofinity supplies washing machines and hotels with washing machines through a network of partners. While washing and disinfecting textiles is always important, it is crucial under the current circumstances to curb the spread of the novel corona virus.

Wash PPE for key workers in France

French hydrofinity partner Georges SAS is now using its Xeros-compatible washing machines to clean cloth masks worn by key French workers (see photo on the right).

Georges SAS has set up a program for cleaning and sterilizing up to 25,000 masks per week with the SNCF in Lyon. SNCF employees each have their own masks that are tracked and tracked individually throughout their life cycle.

Karine Da Silva, President of Georges SAS, said: "Our partnership with Xeros Hydrofinity is fundamental. We cannot imagine choosing an alternative to their technology to create and develop Georges. Through our partnership, we have been able to the largest French companies such as SNCF, Air France and Renault are our customers.

Hydrofinity's technical know-how has also enabled us to be extremely responsive to COVID-19 in France during this time. We were able to guarantee our customers safe and efficient cleaning, and it was a key element to win new orders and take care of fabric masks during these times. "

Face mask rentals in South Africa

Hydrofinity's partner in South Africa, Fanute, has expanded from renting laundry for the hospitality industry to renting face masks for employers and schools. The South African government has ordered employers to provide two face masks to each worker, so Fanute's face mask rental program eliminates the hassle and risk of ineffective aftercare. Your own and operated industrial laundries with Xeros-enabled washing machines use industry-standard technologies and chemicals to kill 99.99% of germs, including COVID-19.

Delivery of hand disinfectants in the UK

Many Hydrofinity UK laundry customers continued to be open to washing key worker uniforms and PPE, and Hydrofinity's chemical partner, Zep, continued to supply chemicals to Hydrofinity customers.

They have done so while coping with a huge surge in demand for effective hand and surface disinfectants from Covid-19. The company has worked tirelessly with new and existing suppliers to effectively meet this demand – and like all hand and surface disinfectants supplied at the Xeros Technology Center in Rotherham, Hydrofinity is based.

Support customers

In these uncertain times, Hydrofinity continues to do everything it can to minimize disruption. For this reason, engineers from the British service partner Wash Co were available in all regions to meet technical or service requirements. Health and safety are top priorities, so a full PPE is worn on all missions and the rules for social distance are adhered to.

Mike Ferrand, Managing Director of Hydrofinity, said: “We are proud to work with our partners who support key people and the remarkable people at the front of this crisis by ensuring that they wear clean PPE. All of our wash cycles can be operated to the required temperature, and the chemistry used is industry-proven to produce clean and hygienic laundry.

“Hydrofinity is currently more than ever fully committed to its employees, partners, customers and suppliers. We would like to thank everyone who is working tirelessly to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19. We are confident that together we can overcome this crisis

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