9 elements which are usually neglected when shopping for a house

Buying a home, whether it's your first time or not, is a daunting process for everyone. Concerns about making the wrong choice can plague us for months, and making the wrong choice could cost us a lot of money and enjoying our homes. We all hear horror stories from friends and family members about rash real estate purchases, forgotten property compensation insurance, land register applications that make demands, nightmare neighbors and error kettles, but what are the most important things to consider when buying a home that are often overlooked?

Sometimes a deal looks too good to be true. So it is worth doing a thorough investigation.

Limiting clauses

These are provisions that are written in the title deeds of a property and keep the owner from certain things. This can be anything from no pets to not running a business from the property. Your carrier should report this early, but this often happens after offers have been accepted and surveys may have completed. You may want to withdraw from the purchase if, due to restrictive agreements, you are unable to enjoy the new property and your money may have been wasted. During the visit, ask the real estate agent for a copy of the title deeds and ask a lawyer to review them before submitting an offer.

The roof

Surveys provide insight into the condition of the property, but the roof is not always included. A typical roof has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Ask the seller when it was last replaced and whether repairs were carried out during the service life. Keep this in mind and have a survey carried out on the roof. They don't want to move in and find that thousands have to be spent on the aging roof.


Are there rooms or buildings that do not look as if they belong to the original structure, e.g. B. loft extensions or conservatories. If no building permit has been obtained, you can be held liable. Even if the current provider has not made the changes, it should have a paper trace from previous owners. If the building permit cannot be proven, make sure that the seller agrees to pay for the missing liability insurance. Otherwise you could be out of your own pocket in the future.


New buildings are notorious for this, but homeowners can also handle stagings with skill. Unusual furniture and high-tech devices can make us blind to the structure. Remember, when you buy a house, the furniture is not included. Take the time to look beyond the general aesthetics of a property and look at walls, floors and ceilings. Large objects can sometimes be placed deliberately to hide imperfections. It doesn't hurt if you ask them to be moved so that you get a full view.

9 factors that are often overlooked when buying a home - money

Water pressure

This is overlooked by so many home buyers and can have one of the biggest effects if it is incorrect. Just because a modern shower unit is installed does not mean that the water pressure is high. Ask to test the water pressure while viewing. Providers and agents should not oppose this. This means that you can easily judge how it is. If you don't and you need to fix it after purchase, it can be incredibly expensive.


While you can easily see the garden as you look at it, how many of us actually think about the space in depth? The garden could be beautifully landscaped and looks incredible, but this takes a lot of care, time and effort. Are you ready to make these efforts to maintain them? If you don't, the outside area can quickly become unsightly and uncomfortable. Although a perfect garden is desirable, sometimes a terrace and gravel suit your lifestyle better.


The world is online these days and it can be incredibly frustrating not to get a great signal on the go, let alone in your new home. If you're thinking about an offer, call your broadband provider and see if they can connect well to your new potential zip code. It's not just remote areas that are falling victim to poor broadband speeds. Always check this. When viewing a property, use your phone to make calls and texts and use apps. A good cellular signal and a good 4G connection are also crucial. You will only see how much this can affect you when it is too late.


Checking out neighbors is good for two reasons: First, unruly neighbors can make your life a nightmare. What is worse is that after moving in, there is nothing you can do about it. An older couple is a more pleasant neighbor than a student property. If you are a night owl and would rather make noise after dark, small children next door can cause problems. Avoid neighborhood disputes by choosing the right ones. Take a look around and introduce yourself while looking at it. The neighbors can give a great insight into the neighborhood. They will not try to persuade you to buy the property so they can be honest with their answers if you have any questions.

Mortgage provider

You basically have a mortgage and have found your dream property, now everything is sorted correctly? Not always. Just because you love a property does not mean that your mortgage provider is ready to lend you the money to buy it. Lenders consider a property to be an investment and if they don't think they can get a return on that investment they won't get a payout. Each provider has different provisions, but shared real estate that cannot be pledged includes character houses, commercial real estate, and leases less than 80 years old. Don't be surprised by these factors, which can be easily checked. Buying a new home is the biggest expense many of us will ever make. So we have to make sure it's right.

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