A candy break for Sydney with the brand new KitKat Chocolatory

On July 6th, Sydneysiders will have access to the KitKat Chocolatory!

Is it really as cute as it sounds?

There are a number of personalized premium chocolate experiences – after seeing the success of the Melbourne boutique and offering additional premium KitKat experiences.

"We look forward to offering Sydneysiders a KitKat Chocolatory experience that allows them to discover their creativity and discover amazing chocolate combinations handcrafted by our incredibly talented chocolatiers," said Chris O’Donnell, General Manager Confectionery at Nestle.

The heart of the KitKat Chocolatory is Create your break This gives guests the opportunity to design their own eight-finger KitKat, which is created in the boutique. Create Your Break offers up to 30,000 possible combinations with a selection of premium chocolates, a range of gourmet ingredients and individual packaging designs. You can either watch the chocolatiers create their bar or return to pick them up.

But wait, there's more!

In the KitKat tasting tableGuests can discover a carefully crafted selection of plated KitKat desserts that offer the latest chocolate trends and yet are inspired by the history of the bran. Reservations for up to 10 guests for the 90-minute seats are possible via OpenTable.

For those who want to try new creations, this offers KitKat chocolate train offers a selection of fillings such as yuzu ganache, peanut butter & raspberry and wasabi cream, from which guests can sit on the train.

The boutique also offers guests an exclusive Mix your break Offer. Twelve individually packaged creations such as cotton candy, guava, churros, sake and matcha offer guests the opportunity to choose from a variety of delicious flavors.

"It is a pleasure for us to announce the opening of the KitKat Chocolatory flagship in Mid City Sydney," said Connie Yuen, Head Chocolatier at KitKat Chocolatory.

"We have put the best of our KitKat Chocolatory boutiques together, and I am now pleased to demonstrate the creativity that is required to produce premium chocolate here in Sydney."

KitKat Chocolatory is available in Japan and Malaysia, and more recently in the UK, Canada and Brazil.

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