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When using a spotter for the first time, first test it in a small area to make sure it works with the fabric you are treating.


Zout Laundry Stain Remover ™

This is a miracle worker who works with crayon, grass, grape juice, ketchup, red wine, ink, egg yolk and fat from things like lipstick. It fights every stain and is successful. It works so well because it contains 3 enzymes and each works on a different type of color. It is perfect for use with today's water-saving washing machines. A big difference between this and many other stain removers is that the fire retardant protection of children's clothing and nightwear is not compromised.

Shop in grocery stores and large stores


Oxi Clean MaxForceWorks

This works well for stubborn grease stains like burger drops or even grease from a bike chain.

The precision stain washing hubs process the stain remover into tissue fibers to break down the stain.

I like the fact that the gel is blue so you can see the areas you have treated. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes and then wash the item. It works best in warm water. Make sure the stain is gone before putting it in the dryer. Heat sets the stain.

I use this on a silk pillow case where my facial moisturizer leaves an oily stain. It always works.

Shop in grocery stores and large stores

De-Solv-It laundry-friendly stain remover

Use on practically any surface. Exceptional for removing baby stains, grease, blood, chocolate, cosmetics, crayons, mustard, sweat, wine, cosmetic stains and much more.

Non-toxic, non-corrosive, harmless and 100% organic. It even removes common and difficult-to-remove stains from the dryer. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Shop in grocery stores, large stores, and Amazon


MIRACLE – – Fantastic. Works at all laundries

1 part Dawn Original or Dawn Ultra (yes, it has to be this one)

2 parts hydrogen peroxide

Apply to white or colourfast clothing. Work in, let it sit while you load the washing machine and wash as usual.

QUEENS POWER PASTE: This is one of my favorite laundry spotters and combines two old-fashioned cleaners into one powerful spotter. Use this for stubborn laundry stains, armpit stains, and even garden furniture. Wet a bar of Fels Naptha Laundry Bar Soap (in the detergent additive / spotter aisle) and stain it with plenty of warm water to create a little brown foam. Then add borax and work it well into the Naptha rock with your hands or a soft brush. Leave to rest for a few minutes and then wash as usual.


  • Fels Naptha laundry bar soap: Work in stains and stains

Find them in grocery stores and large stores

  • Zote Soap: Loaded with natural cleaning oils. Removes oil and fat

Find them in grocery stores and large stores.

  • White Brit: White and brightens white clothing. Removes fleeting colors from white and colors. Find them in grocery stores and large stores in the laundry aisle.

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