Sleep like a tree trunk with these enhancements to your bed room

Everyone knows how important sleep is. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can certainly give all the advice on how to get a good night's sleep. Who is best known for their sleep? Yes, babies! There are experts who study sleep and teach others how to sleep like babies at night. A lot has to do with the room we sleep in and how we design it.

Surprisingly, adults can also use many devices and methods that babies use for a better night's sleep.

Stay away, bright lights

Regardless of age, a dark room is essential to create a suitable sleeping environment. The most important thing is to keep the maximum amount of sunlight away, which can be a problem for both sleeping infants and adults. The best option would be to invest in some blackout curtains or window surfaces that can completely turn off the light from the room. You should also know that there are different types of colors. Some are installed by attaching them to the top of the window, but light can still come through and interfere with your nap. The best ones are the ones that can be placed on the inside of your window.

There are more economical alternatives if you cannot buy these blackout curtains. This may sound strange, but it is recommended that dark garbage bags around your window frame serve as blackout protection to turn off the lights.

Background noise could just work

If you have a Google homepage or Alexa at home, you already have the device you need to create the background noise to help you sleep. If you research, you can find the white noise that suits you and that allows your sleep to get better and last longer. Understandably, you may not want to have monitors, hi-tech devices, and other devices in the area where you sleep. In this case, you may want to invest in a special noise device that works just as well. As long as you play soothing sounds that aren't too irregular, this should be the case.

Permeable bedding is superior

The choice of material from which your bed sheet is made triumphs in design or color. The fabric should be gentle on your skin and you can stay comfortable while dozing through the night. As for infants, cotton is the most common choice for their bedding because the material is porous, easy to clean, gentle, and accessible with countless designs. The same applies to adults. If you already have the recently preferred silk or linen fabric as bedding, replacing it with traditional densely woven percale sheets will highlight the clear contrast between the two materials.

Sleep like a tree trunk with these improvements to your bedroom - sleep

Benefit from the color of your wall

The connection between the color of the four walls in your room and the quality of your sleep seems a long way off. However, professionals recommend calming colors such as blue with cool tones, green, warm brown and matt gray for the best sleeping conditions. Just like babies, an adult's bedroom should provide a relaxing, peaceful environment with soothing effects that make sleeping easier. Do yourself a favor and stay away from bright colors that are stimulating like pink or neon orange. At the end of the day, your room is your haven. You can create the environment you want. However, keep in mind that it is in your best interest to avoid things that are stimulating and can easily disrupt your sleep.

Goodbye kiss the blue light

If you think light is bad for your sleep, wait until you learn what blue light can do. Blue light is emanating from your phone and TV monitor and has been a hot topic lately. Blue light and even some white light after dark are known to disrupt sleep. They do this by deceiving our minds to release chemicals that keep us from sleeping, rather than those that promote sleep.

This may be the first time you hear about it, but the best solution is not to turn off all light sources when it gets dark, but to put shadows that are specifically designed to keep blue light out. Leaving them on at sunrise will help you sleep better and sleep longer. However, if you need some light in your sleep, opt for a night light. One that has a weak look should be fine.

Give weighted blankets a chance

One idea that we haven't stolen from babies, but that has proven beneficial for adult sleep, is a weighted blanket. As more research efforts continue to fully understand the benefits of weighted blankets while you sleep, you can also change your current coverage for this cool device. And who knows? Your new blanket could become the love of your life because it offers you the warmest cuddles. Welcome to the club! If you choose a blanket that is breathable and looks appealing on your bed, there are also handmade options.

Adjust the temperature

Experts have said that when we sleep, our body generally gets a little colder every night. Since we all have different preferences and bodies, it is recommended to set the room temperature so that the environment is the best for you. As a general guideline, you may want to set your room temperature in the range of 60 to 72 degrees Celsius for best effects. That means lowering the temperature in your room is more beneficial, but you do.


These are just suggestions if you are looking for ways to improve your sleep but have never thought of optimizing your surroundings. At the end of the day, everyone is unique and has different needs. Just do what works best for you, keeping these tips in mind as they may be useful. If you need new bedroom furniture to make your room more comfortable and suitable for sleeping, look for the best selection at!

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