Issues to contemplate when constructing a fence round your property

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Having your own home is a great blessing. It is a place that we can love, care for and protect. A home is a private space where we build relationships, strengthen bonds, and build memories that last our lives. If, for some reason, you need to build a fence around your house, there are other factors to consider. This article outlines the six (6) most common elements to consider when building a fence around your property.

1. Create a safe and private area

The first and most important reason to build a perimeter fence around your house is the extra security that a fence represents. Even the safest neighborhood can eventually host some troublemakers, so you'll need a fence to protect your family and property. If you are having trouble with someone breaking and entering your home, it is very important to invest in the construction of a perimeter fence to secure your property. Observe all rules of the neighborhood associations, such as B. the permissible height for a perimeter fence and the connected gates of the fence – some communities are very sensitive to this. If privacy fences are your goal, you need to consider materials and designs that ensure adequate effects of seclusion and security. At the same time, you want your fence to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, even if you are not currently thinking of selling it.

2. Set your legal limits

The problem of property boundaries is often a controversial issue for neighbors when installing a fence. This can lead to conflict if it is not handled well. To avoid this type of conflict, have your property surveyed by a professional surveyor before you build a fence along your property line. Make sure your neighbors know that you are monitoring your property boundaries. It is best to treat this type of situation with children's gloves and a kind attitude so that you can treat any complaints you have in a civilized manner.

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3. Increase the property values

Another reason why you need a fence is to significantly increase the value of your property. Your neighbors would probably appreciate the idea of ​​putting a fence around your property for this reason. Placing a fence can signal to your neighbors that you want to stay in the neighborhood for a long time, so they may even follow your example and also build fences around their properties. Do you remember the old saying about how good fences are good neighbors? It still applies. If you are pretty sure to put up a fence, you should always ask your broker for his opinion. On the one hand, ask about the rules for the image of the neighborhood, as there are some neighborhoods in which the residents are very aware of the general attractiveness of the community in terms of architectural details. You can also check with your realtor to see if the fence can increase property values ​​in the neighborhood.

4. Lower home insurance premiums

If you like the idea of ​​paying a lower home insurance premium, putting up a fence around your property is an absolutely win-win idea. Your premiums would go down because the house you live in is safer and less liable (as far as the insurance company is concerned). A fence around your perimeter is also important if you plan to build a swimming pool on your property so you have more privacy and security. You may want to review the terms of your home insurance policy to see if other clauses can affect the amount of premiums payable.

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5. Keep animals, children and pets away

In some communities, it is not uncommon to spot wild animals like deer, rabbits, chipmunks, raccoons, coyotes, or even possums. This is especially true for households that border forest areas, or for households with a flower garden or a vegetable garden. For example, you might be motivated to erect a high fence so that no animals can pass by to enjoy your valuable cabbages. There are some fence installation companies like that build fences that do not harm wildlife but prevent them from entering your property. A fence is also a good way to keep your children and pets in your property, so the principle works in both directions.

6. Use the Right materials

It is also important that you build a perimeter fence with the right materials. One reason is that you want your perimeter fence to be of the same quality as the rest of the house, especially if your house is new. The architectural details of the house should be reflected in the design details of the fence. The height of the fence, which can affect the harmony of details across the property, may also depend on the materials you use to build the perimeter fence. Another reason is the weather conditions and the climate in your area. For example, if it rains heavily, you probably shouldn't invest in a wooden fence, as wood can look weathered and rot quickly. A steel fence can make more sense, since metal can withstand the weather and last longer than a wooden fence. However, if you really like the look of wood and believe that it harmonizes with the exterior of your home, you should have the wood treated so that it doesn't rot or weather over a long period of time. Conclusion: You don't want to spend on new fences every now and then. You want your fence to last a very long time.

The central theses

Some houses are built with fences, while others have no fence at all. If you want your house to add value and increase security in the neighborhood, it's a good idea to put up your own fence. Your fence should keep your property private and secure so that your children and pets can safely enjoy your garden while wild animals stay outside. Just check the rules and expectations of the neighborhood, build your fence with the right look that blends in with your home design, and with the right materials to make it last for a long time without fear of rotting or the elements.

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