The whole lot a craftsman ought to find out about putting in blinds

Blinds are something that almost every home in the country has. They are one of the best window decorations and incredibly easy to care for. So today we're going to break down what you need to know about the installation.

To begin with, we'll use the DotcomBlinds glossary of Blinds for Blinds terminology to get support. So if you don't understand any terms, feel free to check them out.

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Measuring for blinds is similar enough for any type of blind, but there are two ways to measure for blinds that we will examine. These are recesses and an exact fit. In the recess, a window is set back into a wall, which often results in a window sill. So the window is reset instead of extruding into the wall so you can measure inside the recess. While the exact fit is installed outside the recess or when there is no recess, the blinds are located along the wall in the room.

Measuring for the recess of the recess: For the recess of the recess you only have to carry out the measurements of the recess from top to bottom and from side to side. Most Venetian blind retailers pull the Venetian blinds to allow the Venetian blind to give way so that they don't touch the sides / bottom. Measuring the exact fit: For the exact blind, you should measure outside the recess above the top of the window and the drop. Add an additional drop of 70 mm and a width of 50 mm on each side so that the blinds can block the light. Keep in mind that when you make a precise adjustment, no deductions are made, so they are made exactly as measured.

Order blinds

To get the blinds, we recommend using an online retailer to measure blinds like DotcomBlinds once you have the dimensions for which you want your blinds to be. This way, all you have to do is find the blind you want, enter the dimensions and order it for fast delivery.

Install blinds

Installing blinds is a relatively simple task. When ordering blinds, most companies send installation instructions. The installation for exact fit and recess is different. There are two ways to attach your blinds brackets: either to the wall or to the window frame (depending on how you measured your blind first).

Face fixation for exact fit and upper fixation for recess.

Everything a craftsman should know about installing blinds - brackets

To attach the face, simply place the brackets where you want to hang your blinds, mark where the screws need to be inserted, drill a hole, insert your wall plugs and screw the bracket into the wall. For the top fastening, place it in the recess on both sides at the top and drill it onto the wall.

Once the brackets are attached to the wall and the blind is either outside the recess or there is no recess, add the bracket covers by simply sliding them onto the bracket covers to give your blind a nice look after installation.

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