Ozone programs and disinfection of laundry

Have you ever stopped before the current health crisis and took a moment to wonder how our lives and the lives of others can be affected by viruses and the bacteria that cause them? asks EDRO marketing manager David Burnham. The answer is yes, of course, but this Covid 19 pandemic has certainly focused the mind on this issue.

But what can facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities, which are currently exposed to an increasing risk of being exposed to all types of contamination, use to ensure the safety of their laundry processes?


Ozone has been one of nature's most effective virus inhibitors for more than a century. It has been used for innumerable disinfection purposes in households and companies. When cold water is added to ozone in the right amounts, it melts into a strong mixture that can deactivate and destroy the harmful microorganisms that live in clothing and fabrics.

Everything that can be washed in a normal washing extractor can be washed in a washing extractor equipped with an EDRO DynOzone ozone system. DynOzone uses UV radiation to generate two types of activated oxygen gas (germicidal ozone and oxidizing ozone). This is then injected directly into the wash basin to kill bacteria, dangerous pathogens and odors. Another advantage of using the integrated integrated DynOzone system is that every machine equipped with DynOzone is automatically disinfected when it is used due to its cleaning properties.

Burnham explains that DynOzone saves you money, the laundry owner / operator, when you use it by providing:

• Improved germicidal / bacterial cleaning properties

• Improved sterilization / disinfection of laundry

• Improved cleaning power

• Improved fabric life

• Improved softness of the fabric

• Improved laundry quality – lighter, white, cleaner

• Reduced chemical / detergent costs

• Reduced chemical consumption / tax

• Reduced rinsing / drying cycle times

• Reduced hot water / energy consumption

• Reduced material damage

• Reduced carbon footprint

The DynOzone ozone system has full retrofit functions that can be used to adapt the system to non-ozone wash extractors. For more information, contact EDRO at sales@edrocorp.com or the company's website at www.edrocorp.com.

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