Eco champion rises at Tradelinens

United Kingdom
Catherine Morris has been appointed Managing Director of Tradelinens, a global provider of luxury, durable laundry for the hospitality industry.

Morris, previously Marketing and PR Director at Tradelinens, will oversee day-to-day operations, while founding directors Robert Lancaster-Gaye and Joe Molloy will remain in the business in a strategic advisory role.

Morris has long been a leader in sustainability innovations for retailers and will continue to work for the brand's environmental and ethical criteria as it expands the store and its three divisions, Luxury Commercial Linen, Boutique Hospitality and Direct Customers through the online retail department Tielle Love Luxury.

Morris worked tirelessly at Tradelinens for over seven years. Previously she worked at FMCG, where she worked for 10 years at Nestlé, where she worked in category marketing for brands like Nestlé Pure Life and San Pellegrino.

One of Morris' greatest achievements during her time at Tradelinens was the brand's pioneering work as the first British member of the Better Cotton Initiative. Catherine said: “During my time at Nestlé, I had firsthand experience of growing consumer expectations of brands to protect the environment and prioritize shared values ​​to ensure a real sense of meaning. I firmly believe that brands are committed to being at the forefront of sustainability, protecting and empowering suppliers, caring for the planet, and enriching the communities we work with. I brought this passion to Tradelinens and worked with the Better Cotton Initiative for over 18 months to sign a linen brand membership agreement to allow Tradelinens and other companies in our category to join. Until then, no other retail linen brands were part of the BCI. With Tradelinens first, there are now at least four other members in our category. It is an achievement that we are really proud of. "

Morris’s ambition in their new role is to grow the business while maintaining the exceptional knowledge, expertise and customer service that Lancaster-Gaye and Molloy have been committed to for over 30 years. It will also continue its mission to look for new and innovative ways to improve sustainability within the category.

Morris said: “Robert and Joe are famous in this industry and remain an integral part of the business. You will continue to advise clients and work with the broader team of Tradelinens, guide, serve, and share their wisdom to ensure that Tradelinens remains at the forefront of our industry for years to come. Under the expert guidance of Robert and Joe, I have hired a fantastic team with outstanding knowledge in the areas of textiles and luxury hospitality. Together we are excited about driving this business forward and can't wait to see what the future holds.

“I will not only look for ways to further improve our already exceptional product quality, but also for other practical solutions to include even more sustainable materials in our product portfolio and further reduce the use of plastic while ensuring that our goods arrive in pristine locations around the world in pristine condition. "

Tradelinens is always committed to sustainable solutions and has recently launched an eco pillow made from recycled plastic bottles from all over Europe and blended with Tencel®, an award-winning botanical fiber.

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