Learn how to construct a wall shelf your self

If you think you can build a wall shelf yourself and therefore don't need the help of a craftsman, you've come to the right place! Building a shelf for every room in the house, or even the garage itself, is one of the first things most people build as a beginner in the DIY world, and that's because it's really not that complicated.

You can create this shelf for any reason, from one for toiletries to one in the garage for your tools. You can create one in your kitchen to have all the spices on hand, or one in your bedroom so you can see the books waiting to be read.

What will the shelf look like?

Don't start with something too complex – just choose a small wall shelf that consists only of the shelf itself and the brackets that you can attach to the wall. The shelf can either be placed on the brackets or it can simply rest on it. If the shelf is wider, at least two brackets should be attached to the wall. The brackets must also be longer if the shelf itself is longer. You can easily find the simple clip types in almost every hardware store in your city. You will also find here the brackets that you use to create the shelf. Affordable options are easy to find, so don't worry about that.

What are the steps?

Choose a wall post and mark the place where you want to place the first shelf bracket. Hold a shelf bracket over the stud to use as a template to help you mark the location of the mounting screws on the wall. Now you can start installing the bracket using screws long enough to penetrate the wall post at least an inch. In the next step, mark the location for the second bolt you will be using.

How to build a wall shelf yourself - hanging wall shelf

Generally, one wall post is 16 inches from the next. Therefore, you need to measure 16 inches from the edge of the bracket you just installed. Place a carpenter level on the bracket that will be placed first so that you can extend the level line to the second bolt. Then you need to make sure to hold the second bracket in the correct position, and don't forget to mark the spot on the wall for the next set of screws.

For the second bracket, too, you'll need to use screws that can penetrate the wall jamb at least one inch to make sure everything stays in place. Now place the shelf on the brackets. With short screws you can attach the shelf to the installed brackets and do not have to worry about their stability.

That's all! At first it seemed mightily complicated, just the idea of ​​building a shelf sounded like you needed the better half of the day, but the truth is that this whole operation is far from complicated. Most people have not built a shelf in their lives because they think it will be too complicated and take too much time, but you can easily do it at a very reasonable price. Why pay someone to do the things you can do yourself without any problems?

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