RB offers $ 1 million merchandise for meals on wheels

Sharyn Broer, CEO of Meals on Wheels
Adelaide, South Australia
Photo: John Krüger

Reckitt Benckiser's (RB) Australian branch will donate $ 1 million of disinfectant to Meals on Wheels Australia.

According to RB, the donation will support the efforts of the nonprofit that delivers more than 14.8 million meals a year to the elderly in the country and has seen a significant increase in demand due to COVID-19.

RB is committed to a cleaner and healthier world and is committed to offering Meals on Wheels a selection of disinfectants from all health and hygiene portfolios. These include household items from brands such as Glen 20, Pine O Cleen and Dettol.

Urgently needed help

Jérôme Lemaire, General Manager at RB Hygiene ANZ, says that hygiene has never been more important in the current climate.

“As a leader in this area, we are committed to supporting all Australians, although we are aware that the most vulnerable people in our country – the elderly – may find it difficult to get our hands on our products, especially those Support systems that are currently self-isolating with limited conditions exist, ”he said.

"We want to do what we can to help them do that."

Glenn Cochran, General Manager at RB Health ANZ, added: “Whether it's about providing nutritious meals or just listening to a conversation, Meals on Wheels is a lifeline for many older Australians.

“We hope that by donating our products, we can make a positive difference for the Meals on Wheels community and help ensure the health and well-being of their customers and volunteers so that they can continue to provide the services they need, in the face of the problems can virus. "

The process

The products will be distributed to both Meals on Wheels customers and the volunteers who support them over the next eight months. This begins with the delivery of Glen 20 and Dettol hand sanitizers to NSW in mid-April.

Sharyn Broer, President of Meals on Wheels Australia, said the organization was “excited” to receive this much-needed support from the RB team.

"On one level," she said, "our customers really appreciate doing their best to keep their homes clean and healthy during this time."

"It is also good news for our volunteer network, which can use the products to maintain hygiene when preparing and delivering meals."

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