four information about teacup puppies all canine lovers ought to know

If you are a dog lover and have recently heard about a teacup puppy in an ad or from a friend, you need to be interested to learn more. Maybe you came across her picture and she would have tried to get you one, but as cute as you are before you get one, it is important that you find out about her. Once you've learned a lot about them, you can easily get them from FouFou puppies.

Let's take a look at what teacup puppies actually are and what are some of the most fascinating facts about them.

Teacup puppy

Teacup puppies are a type of puppy that are very small. Her name Teacup Puppies comes from the fact that they are so small that you can fit them in a teacup or mug. They are also referred to as pocket-sized puppies and micro-dogs. They are not only small, but also very light. An adult teacup puppy weighs only 4 pounds on average. In addition, teacup puppies are not a breed. In fact, there are teacup puppies belonging to a different breed. You can find tea cups for different breeds including Yorkies, Poodles, Pugs and Shih-Tzus.

How are teacup puppies made?

A teacup puppy is born when selective small dogs breed and consequently give birth to a smaller puppy. These smaller puppies are not normally sold for breeding, but some people can keep breeding these smaller puppies when they grow up, and this can lead to the birth of a teacup puppy. This also refers to the fact that breeding teacup puppies is extremely difficult and cannot be found easily. If you buy a teacup puppy from a breeder, the price will shock you. Because of the rarity and difficulty of making these teacup puppies, this can be expensive. The actual price for them can range from $ 800 to $ 2200. Even the cheapest teacup puppy is quite expensive compared to other puppy types.

4 facts about teacup puppies All dog lovers should know - puppy in hands

Why are teacup puppies so popular?

There is no doubt that teacup puppies have become very popular in recent years. The reason why this little puppy breed gets this fame is that its small size is perfectly advertised by the breeders and because of its uniqueness it attracts the interest of many dog ​​lovers. Another reason for their popularity is that many celebrities wear them as a fashion statement to the events, although they are not presented by any large breeding agency.

Where are teacup puppies sold?

If you want to buy a teacup puppy, you should do it right. There are many breeders who vigorously breed teacup puppies and cannot be supported. It is highly recommended that you go to a breeder who has a good reputation in the pet industry and buy it from there. You can also buy it from the link mentioned in the first paragraph.

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