Pressing demand for supplies and textiles for the manufacturing of NHS peels

United Kingdom
The General Manager of Kirsty Holdsworth, Association of the British Apparel Industry Suppliers (ABSCI), has asked Ken Cupitt, President-in-Office of the Guild of Cleaners and Launderers, for help with the urgent search for materials for the manufacture of scrubs for the NHS.

Holdsworth said: “A former M&S colleague of Paschal Little and Ian Morris, both ASBCI members, organized much-needed peels with a group of volunteers with whom she is associated in Buckinghamshire. She asked the ASBCI for help to get the following materials as soon as possible. "

Fabrics and other related materials

1.Fabric (navy or blue 50 – 100 m): 115/120 g / m2 65/35 poly cotton, but also 60/40. Please shrink as it has to be washed at 60 ° C +

2. Approx. 50 m elastic herringbone band, approx. 2 cm wide

3. Sewing thread – 10 rolls of poly / cotton, color navy or blue

Printing patterns

Can the ASBCI member offer to print samples to distribute to the volunteer group?

Cupitt asks anyone in the textile care industry who may have contacts with the cloth and clothing trade and who may be able to inform them of availability. If someone who can help with any of the above problems this week, please send an email to:

Deborah Sharpe at and Ian Morris at

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