Old style snacks, you're again!

I assumed the end of my college days would put an end to 2-minute noodles and quick frozen dishes – what a wrong call that was.

Some time ago, Retail World Play Pong released McCain's new pizza bags to celebrate their two new flavors: Hawaiian and Super Supreme.

The excitement filled the office with the thought of pizza bags as it created a feeling of nostalgia for everyone, which made it clear to me that I was not alone when I was always looking for "easy-to-cook" practical foods.

In fact, one morning I caught my colleagues eating the pizza bags for breakfast.

Does this prove that hot bags are acceptable for every meal at any time of the day? Or that my colleagues conveniently forgot everyone to have breakfast this morning?

The fact that it only takes 1.5 minutes to cook in the microwave makes it dangerously easy to have it, especially if you don't have much time.

The old school is in

"A lot of young Australians would see McCain Pizza Pockets with some nostalgia as a staple from their elementary school days," said Alice Briant, ANZ Pizza Brand Manager at McCains Foods.

100% in this boat! Friday morning with a pizza bag and chocolate milk from the Tuckshop was my life.

McCains aren't the only ones who have recognized the nostalgia trend that many consumers are looking for.

The confectionery and snacks category is currently being redefined with old phrases that draw the hearts and memories of shoppers.

Nostalgia is a key word that comes up again and again in our discussions with brand managers. I expect this trend to continue for a while.

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